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  1. Hi all, Playing FullRA on win7 64, and whilst all the in-game stuff works beautifully, all the cutscenes/movies stop dead for about 10 seconds several times making them unbearable to watch. i remember the acting being pretty unbearable as it was but I do like it when everything works as it should... Anyone know how this might be remedied?
  2. OK nevermind, clearly had extra portions of retard flakes today and completely missed the "OK" button to just start a new game. Nevermind!
  3. Thanks for all the replies! Turns out the problem was that I had saved a game at the very start of the match, one without any AI, and that this game was loading every time I tried to start a new game, regardless of how many AI players I chose in the lobby. So my new question would be how can you erase a saved internet game and start a fresh game? (i'm playing against the same person regularly).
  4. Hi all, Just discovered redalert1.com and overjoyed to be playing RA1 again. Is it possible to play online with a friend co-op against AI? No matter what number AI players I choose in the game lobby, it's only ever me vs. my friend when I launch. Can't find anything in readmes or FAQs on this and I'd be really grateful for help!
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