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  1. Fixed it, and it is way more better now. Updated the thread.
  2. I thank you for this blank .mix file! Sadly, it doesn't work! I dropped all my stuff in there. EXPAND10.mix doesn't read the file, it just makes me play the normal RA1 without my modified units or sounds. Any suggestion for this? Thanks. It means you made a Tiberian Sun / Red Alert 2 mixfile instead of a Red Alert 1 one. You have to be careful which type to make it. When i tried making my own .mix file, i did save my file as: "Red alert 1 mix". Even after that it still says "Out of Memory". Perhaps there may be another solution. I remember not only the MAIN.mix is modified. REDALERT.mix is also modified. So my question is, do i need to put "hires1.mix" that i've modified inside REDALERT.mix to MAIN.mix? Or does that need to be seperated? Thanks.
  3. Sadly, i've encountered problems when using as my new mix file is: sc_jpn.mix and when playing ingame it says: Error - Out of memory What's up with that? I will first release the first version of my mod, and we'll see if it works or not. If not, then ill make it compitable with ver 3.03. And so do i need to go to 3.03. I have this version V2.00 because i use TDF.
  4. I can't just re-upload the mod since there are problems with it. (Huge file size). And what are you trying to say with the original RA CD's? You can't install it, but still you have RA1 version 3.03? Please be a bit more specific. Right, so...does this affect anything for the file? Or is it just to make it to read faster?
  5. Check the front page, there you could see the changes i made for the rules.ini. Now because the launch wasn't really good i did some tweaks on the rules.ini right now. I've changed alot in there, like costs are reduced, more crates, more storage for the silo's, pillbox with primary + secondary vulcans, make some units have more strength etc. Where can i get this sc*.mix addon file? Is there a tutorial for it? If so please share.
  6. My version is V2.00 as seen in my ingame menu. My mod has only replaced new skins i've created, replaced sounds, replaced soundtracks. And the rules.ini, nothing else. Look, I apologize for everything here, I just did this too fast. And i didn't knew things about optimizing the main.mix file etc. I know you can learn from mistakes. That is a good thing that i wont have this mistake for the second time. Anyways, is there anything else that can be reduced for the main.mix? If not and everything is fine, then i will release the fixed beta version.
  7. The videos are still lined up with the missions yes. I can still play the aftermath missions too. Well, they do work right here, i can play the campaign or the aftermath missions with it. EDIT: My mod has no conflicts with the missions at all, it perfectly works fine. I can't see why you are saying that the balance is shot to hell. Yeah, if i use rules.ini file and mess things up.
  8. I can still play the original missions with my mod. So i need to remove the videos inside movies1.mix? will this not conflict with the campaign?
  9. Well, the file size of the main.mix is now in total: 749 MB I used your cleanup tool. When putting my modified files in it, i selected all them to "compact". I think this is the farthest way i can do. is there still anything that i can reduce the file size? Or is this the end? Please respond, thank you.
  10. I tried patching RA1 with the TDF patch and used your clean up tool. The MAIN.mix file is was 1.23GB and now it is 795 MB. And yes, this is the original main.mix it from TDF. It is still pretty big.
  11. Alright, so you are telling me there are stuff that isn't required at all? I apologize! Again, how did i know? I'm not an experienced modder, i thought everything the main.mix had is the stuff you need as every standard main.mix file is in RA1. About the music, there are 2 tracks that are made by my own. Anything else is RA3 and RA1 soundtracks. (Fixed the soundtracks, they are all playing at normal speed now) And what do i need to do to fix those videos?
  12. Well, i didn't knew that TFD messes it all up. How would i know? Anyways, how do i clean them up? Deleting those videos? If so, then i guess ill make a fixed version for the soundtrack and those videos.
  13. Hi! Thanks that you are going to try it! Be sure to help me out to improve the mod! Will gladly accept it Why it is so big? The MAIN.MIX is file is causing it.Probably because i'm using alot of wave files and are pretty high quality and takes alot of MB. To be exact 960 MB. If you perhaps know how to reduce it, please tell!
  14. Finally, i've finally managed to reduce the filesize to 65.mb. Way more better than 800mb! So here it is! New Download link here: http://www.gamertz.nl/JSDF_MOD_0.1_FIXED.rar Thank you! Any criticism and opinions are welcome!
  15. I did say I was mostly joking, there. I think the easiest way to go here is just to use the Red Alert 3 music of the Japan side. Well, yes it might be the easiest way. I think it's much more fun for me to make my own soundtrack! Of course that will take some time though...i should first need some inspirations on what suits best for RA1. But thanks for all of you suggestions! ill take a listen on them and hopefully get some great ideas! If this ain't working than ill probably use the RA3 Japanese side soundtrack. But it always better to have custom soundtracks you've never heard before. And that makes it more different than the standard RA3 soundtrack. :roll:
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