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  1. yep ive just finished the whole soviet campaign and yea the map above is the one im referrin to....i'd have finished it sooner if mission briefing gave a more accurate goal
  2. ah i see just the mission briefing is unclear...and i assure u ive already destroyed all radar domes since i captured their yard and had gps i thought i could rush the mission but when all domes are down and i capture chronosphere it fails lol...should have said destroy everythinge except chronosphere...anyways thanks for the replies
  3. bug on soviet mission where ur supposed to destroy all the radar domes then capture the chronosphere, doesnt matter whether u capture the chronosphere or destroy it u will fail the mission,... it says u objective reached but still will declare a fail... hope some of the guys can check on this i really wanna finish the soviet mission as im done with all the allies
  4. tnx for the info..the improvement is a great help, such a shame we cant get these in better videos...coz it seems to me the newer versions of red alert had a decline in their quality of videos, like they shot it in some random basement, atleast the old red alert videos gave you a more militaristic feel to it like your in a real war something that was lost to me especially in RA3
  5. are the ones up for grabs with the installer 3.0+ better than the original movies from a cd? coz i installed my red alert using alleged original disc's that ive downloaded off a torrent and the movie seems a bit blurry, i know that its an old game but seeing as EA has released it for freeware and some people have already made adjustments to it like compatibility and such perhaps they have also made adjustments to the movie files say tweak them to be more up to date like a bit more watchable? because if it is, i will be redownloading the whole game but if not then guess i'll still to what i have
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