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  1. A classic game mode for OpenRA that still has all the features listed above would be straight up awesome.
  2. Is Arda something that has been prebuilt into PortableRA? If not, is it compatible with PortableRA? Thanks in advance.
  3. So I discovered both OpenRA and PortableRA recently and have played several rounds of both. I find myself loving the traditional composition of PortableRA, but missing some of the nice features of OpenRA. Have any of the developers ever considered adding the following features as optional selections? 1. Queuing up units to be built 2. Improved wall building 3. Fog of War 4. Specifiable new unit deploy position (select a spot where newly built units move to automatically) 5. Game Timer I realize that some people might say, "Just go play OpenRA if you want those things!" The problem is I miss everything else about the original.
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