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  1. Chamie

    Error 126!

    Aha! Found that problem, but now I just need it for the Windows 7 instead of 8! http://withinwindows.com/within-windows/2012/03/18/quick-fix-for-amds-opengl-on-windows-8
  2. Chamie

    Error 126!

    I'll try your links now FunkyFr3sh. EDIT: Nope.. same problem with RA and CNC. With these I'm able to get into menu screen, but when I choose "Play Red Alert" / "Skirmish" / "Online" I'll get the error and same problem with CNC, did I miss some file what I need to download or what? I chose Red Alert 1 (web)Installer - all in one.
  3. Chamie

    Error 126!

    Yeah.. and no, never seen error like that. Tried to google it too, but didn't found any good answers. And I'm using Windows 7 and Graphic card is radeon hd 7870.. so I thought it might be something like need to get older drivers or something like that Edit: Tried to search and fix with command prompt, wrote this: Cd /d C:\Windows\System32 Copy atioglxx.dll .dll But it didn't find anything with that command, so I tried this one: Sfc /scannow And it scanned and the message was: It found corrupted files, but couldn't fix some of them. More info in CBS.Log-file windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. Example: C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log And I have all drivers up to date. Sorry for bad english! .. And I'm not a super with computers and problems like this, but if someone knows what I should do now, tell me please.
  4. Chamie

    Error 126!

    Hello! I keep having following error when I launch my RA: "LoadLibrary failed with error126". I downloaded FullRA from http://redalert1.com/ and didn't find any other topic here, who would have the same problem. So anyone who knows how to solve this problem? It would be super to play Red Alert after 10 years.. soooo nostalgic :roll:
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