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  1. Thanks for feedback, am slowly updating and testing should be more options for player 2 but it depends on mission. Many more uploaded.
  2. this is what i was trying with no luck. In the fall of greece mission they spawn from barracks so i tried to copy team types and trigger. il keep trying
  3. Apologies it is Red Alert 1. I had gotten here through that section so i thought this was further sub section i can set a trigger for reinforcements that will enter the map at the section closest to the way point assigned by me. i had thought if the way point was on top of the barracks then the team will spawn there (that was my understanding anyway)
  4. How do i spawn infantry from barracks ?
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x7z01td9xz690gb/AAA40Q9MLULqHKF_rE9LNJAxa?dl=0 Only the following settings need set for game rest is taken care of Players 2 Ore Regenerate Ally Reveal Shroud AfterMath Game Forced Alliances Only 6 (4 Giant Ants ) missions so far. Please have a try. Feedback and further mission requests welcome
  6. Yes its not going to be easy as killing multiplayer units outside of map I need a way to kill all human players on the map Even if i had text or mission failed sound that repeatedly played or flashed on the screen to let them know its failed?
  7. Is there a way to "mission Failed" in a multiplayer mode with units still availible, i have tried set looser = multi1, etc
  8. i can see that they position units to the bottom left OUT of that map, that are then destroyed once Turkey is It does not let me begin a game though when i have no multiplayers inside the map, cannot understand why normandy does allow it Edit it is now working no other units need to be on map Solution simply place multiplayer units outside of map and attach a destroy buildings trigger (i used radar jammer truck)
  9. i have tried this and units outside of the screen does not work ?
  10. So i have been spending a lot of time using the scenario editor modding tool to create missions for a 2 person multiplayer similar to campaign How do i go about changing how the match is completed As you know the game is currently won or lossing depending if the other Mplayer 1,2,3 is defeated etc i want this changed so that Multiplayer 1 can win if objectives are complete like in single campaign
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