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  1. OK, as I understood, You do not want a MMO concept with a Direct Unit Control...
  2. About the Base Building – yes, there will be this kind of gameplay element. As said before, there is a huge map. It contains some Control Points your side may capture to gain income – villages, cities, oil derricks, etc. At least Four sides will be available to play for (Soviet, Allies… NOD and GDI, maybe? Currently I don’t know). When Control Point is captured, players with enough cash and researched technologies may begin to build a base and defenses in the borders of captured territory. It’s the teamwork. The purposes of different constructions are changed now. For example, ground factories (War Factory and Barracks) are used to spawn reinforcements. Players may use it like spawn points or some kind of “teleport” – your tank may drive in War Factory from the first base and then rather quickly drive out from another base’s War Factory. It is a quite useful way to get reinforcements for protecting attacked base, but not immediate enough for creating “Defensive rushes”. Defensive structures (Pillboxes, Turrets, AA Guns) are very helpful, but the infantry needed to operate them – as said before, soldiers are not a cannon fodder anymore. You will have a “Side Chat” where the information about helping attacks or defending positions will be published, so you will have a chance to visit nearest Barracks (for infantry) or War Factory (for machines) to re-spawn as close as possible to the event you want to participate in. Overall, the game mechanic must be revised, so the cooperation between players will give better result than a stupid “classic” rush. For example, I see the effective attack operation like this: 1) Artillery beats enemy defenses from a significant range; 2) If available, air units help to bomb out remains of enemy buildings to prevent reinforcements; 3) Ground operation (tanks + infantry + support vehicles) to end with enemy armored machinery and capture the Control Point; 4) When the Control Point is captured, start to build your own base. There is a good defensive tactic for protecting your base too: 1) Inform your side about enemy attack to get reinforcements as fast as possible; 2) Fast counter-battery operations against light-armored artillery; 3) Equipping defensive structures with infantry to prevent possible rushes. This is something we can see in the real life, isn’t it? More than two battle sides can make these operations very funny and unpredictable. Even loner players can contribute as spies or saboteurs. As already said, the most interesting part of this concept is to make teamwork more useful than classic rush or cannon fodder tactics. Any unit is not a “lemming from the crowd” anymore. For example, infantry may have two weapons (rifle and rocket launcher) and switch between them when needed. Skilled player with his Light Tank may defeat Medium Tank using his machine maneuverability or high Accuracy skill. Pro may even try to compete with unimproved Heavy Tank in duel battle. Infantry with rocket launchers in the buildings are very dangerous for any kind of heavy and slow machines – it is very effectively to organize such ambushes, because tank AT-cannons (without upgrades) are little effective against concrete buildings. On the other side, HE shells, heavy machineguns and flamethrowers are quite effective to squeeze out the infantry from the building, even not destroying the whole building. Yes, this is something Sudden Strike-like, but Red Alert graphics and setting are more suitable to create MMO with direct unit control (SS is fully isometric, so it is not suitable for Direct Control). What do you think about it? Is it worth to begin this kind of project? Would you like to play something like that? Thank you for your attention! Let’s discuss any questions you have about the concept, please!
  3. Hello, guys! You are doing a great work with Red Alert Online! Let's discuss some aspects about possible MMO project in Red Alert universe. As a programmer, I would like to try building prototype of this kind of game (using RA/CNC1 graphics), but I need a cleaner vision of the concept for this game. How I see this now: - One big "global" map for all online players. You "drop in" your troops, do your job fast and evacuate them when you want; - The Direct Control of a unit like in a top-down shooter (WASD + mouse for targeting and shooting) This means "the Player is the Unit". I have already built some prototypes (not using RA resources), and I find it more dynamic, active and funny to control the unit directly when playing online. It is very funny to control Planes and Helis directly; - Much more actions for infantry, they are no low-level meat anymore. Now they will occupy houses and pillboxes and shoot from them (even with their RPGs). They can operate main calibres of Turrets, Flamethrowers, etc; - Research and Upgrade. The Player researches new units and technologies, upgrades existing ones (firepower, armor, anti-personnel machineguns for tanks, etc). Players gain new Levels and increase their Skills (e.g. accuracy). ..To be continued. Please feel free to share your vision of possible MMO concepts for RA universe. Your participation in discussion is highly welcome! Thank you for your attention!
  4. Don't you think it is division by zero? I doubt this game is interesting even for C&C/RA fans, that's why this thread created.
  5. Regarding balance, I think it will makes sence to have a little more hardcore version of gameplay than original "zerg rush". For example, armored vehicles and tanks will no longer take damage from soldier rifles, medium tank can resist only a few shots of enemy cannons, units may have a Skill property that affects attack range, damage and reloading, etc. Currently I'm thinking about the possibility for soldiers to occupy houses and bunkers and use them as pillboxes (like in Sudden Strike). Yes, I want to have something SuddenStrike-like gameplay in CnC/RA setting and with base building.
  6. Thank you for the question! So, the game balance may be managed this like: "high levels" will get much more profit by fighting individualy, when for "low levels" there will be profit to create small groups and trying to beat high-levels (tactical zerg rush ). Oh and it will be quite hard for active conquerors to defend all their captured key points. The game process itself MAY BE (only early concept) the following, for example: when player logs in, he will be thrown to the game map with selected units plus MCV. He finds a nice place to build a base and builds his best units here (the more powerfull is unit - the much time and credits it will takes to create it). Then he attacks enemy positions or captures key points. Or maybe he will build the guard lines. When player quits, his buildings and units will be presented to another player or just destroyed (please suggest your vision on this!).
  7. I plan to make a new 2D engine for it. Only graphics/sound resources will be needed from original packages.
  8. Hello guys, I have a question related to CnC/RA series (especially the first ones). There is a resource possibility to make something like "online RTS" in the setting - single giant map, where 100+ players build their minibases, capture key points (e.g. ore growers, villages, etc.), research technologies, a little unit construction. Initially, the idea was based on Warzone 2100 RTS (unit constructor is the best!), but then I remembered the C&C/RA series - setting and graphics are kinda cute even today. And it will be possible to launch this game on mobile devices (but I don't know how playable it will be there). I would like to know if anybody wants to play this kind of game. Thank you for your attention!
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