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  1. Does anyone else have issues using the hot keys on a mac? Some of them work like X to scatter but none of the others.
  2. thanks funk fresh, I will give it a try later! thanks for the help!
  3. got it working! thanks for your help, However it is still a small window. What do I need to do in the ddraw.ini file to make it full screen?
  4. hi, Yes i i followed the tutorial, but when i configure the wine settings there is no option ddraw and wsock32. They do not appear in the drop down. Do i have to add them manually?
  5. Hi Everyone, I am trying to get RA1 working on my macbook pro but I am having some issues playing online and playing with full screen. I have installed play on mac and configured the wine settings but when I start the game it starts in a small screen. Also when I try to play online it says: "Windows version is out of date, Please upgrade to windows s1 or install Internet explorer 3 or higher" Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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