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  1. Something on the website where I downloaded it made me think I had to select something else than ra95.exe It works now thanks. About the questions, I get that, but you can just make the question answerable by everyone instead of making it this hard.
  2. I downloaded Red Alert 1 including CnCnet (4 I think??) here: http://redalert1.com/#faq-cncnet-lan It says it should work, but it doesn't. Can't find a FAQ list anywhere. I have no firewall up, and all it says is connecting in 3... 2... 1... and then go back to 3 again. Any fixxes? Also, what's with the weird question at the forum signup. How are you supposed to know that stuff about the tank if it's about a game you played 10 years ago that didn't even make it clear what the tank had for kind of guns? Rather silly.
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