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  1. A Mod or Patch Suggestion: I am new to CnCnet, and was asking someone in the chat about updates I always wanted to see to the interface of RA1. And this person told me Iran is a current mod or patch creator and to post this in the forums. I want to know if it would be difficult to be able to use a Right Click and hold to scroll the game screen? The lack of this was a little annoying but when RA1 came out we didn't' know what we were missing until I think in either Tiberian Sun or RA2 they updated the interface and we could scroll just by holding a right click of the mouse and moving the cursor. Going from such a simple easy way of scrolling, back to such a clunkier setup with RA1 can be disappointing or even frustrating. I'm wondering if that would be an easy thing to accomplish, and if maybe we could get some people together to continue to update just the interface and control of RA1 without changing any of the game play. The game itself is amazing and almost flawless in my opinion. But it would help the game to live on forever and be really cool, I believe, if we could figure out a way to do this. I wouldn't necessarily suggest the addition of anything control-wise such as a waypoint mode necessarily. Part of the game's appeal is the simplicity it has. There's just maybe a couple things left that could keep the interface control more modern. Are there any other suggestions from anybody else as well for things like this?
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