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  1. cousinsucky

    ORA-crush....i give up...

    As a lot of you know my Grandson is learning to play Redalert….hes not able to Q well yet but hes turning out to be a pretty good builder. so today he joins a game and crush comes in, the game starts and Crush isn't playing serious, thinking hes against a couple of noobs, which he was, crush is playing for fun and im making a couple calls and watching. my grandson plays as well as he can and him and his teammate get the better of crush, but as I said if crush played properly he would have won pretty quickly...then he decided to send this load of crap now clearly I said at the start thanks for not going serious on an 8 yr old learning ra....then he comes out with this crap, I tried to unmute this idiot but if this is the sum of his parts im happy to mute him again, in all honesty the worlds a better place without this fat little Scottish troll
  2. cousinsucky

    whats your favourite tactics according to rival

    looked at this for about 5 minutes...first the guy who posted it is a noob...you don't want to follow his example, so many more you could learn from
  3. cousinsucky

    not connecting after game launch

    This can be closed now funky m8... funky figured it out and wrote a program to fix it.. huge thankyou to funky for going above and beyond, he didn't have to take the time or effort to do what he did, but it goes a long way to show the character of the person who takes that time its things like this that remind me why the ra community is only getting stronger after 21 yrs of being here
  4. cousinsucky

    not connecting after game launch

    just an update, port 8054 and 50000 now open, resolved that issue, however still persisting error..i have everything turned off, firewall bit defender, the isp has a firewall, that is turned off, nothing is blocked, my ip is now static from the isp, everything I can tyhink of is turned off in the pc in relation to potentially stopping my connection, from what funky has said it appears to be at the point of connecting once the game has been launched, it simply stops trying to connect to the host or It simply stops trying to connect when I'm host.. funky can explain the error it brings up as he has the logs, but I am trying to resolve this without the need for a hammer
  5. cousinsucky

    not connecting after game launch

    hi, funky knows about this but more input would be good. have allocated port 2000 for the game, cannot open port 50000 or 8054 due to an issue with my router. when I run /porttest, it tells me port is open I can run and host fast p2p games, I'm on dual 150mpbs fibre, I have allocated a static ip, however when I join games I have a frequent issue of when game starts it shows connecting and I am disconnected after the countdown, as I said its a frequent but not constant error, I am on win10 and leave all settings default, I have turned off fw and allowed raspawn through the fw, I turn off win defender too and I have disabled the router fw and turned off upnp... its driving me mad as I'm sure its something stupid, but cant for the life of me figure out what it is.....help please before I take a hammer to this old but trusty pc