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  1. Thanks for that will give it a try. Will it stop it when he spams it in the game lobby as well ?
  2. Grow up child. Racist comments should be stamped out. If you don't agree then i take it you are 1.
  3. I appreciate all that you have said. I thought in these times a filter could be added that anyone that uses racial or otherwise offensive language could be banned. Every time i enter a game and he is online he attacks and this is not an adult only site and many children have racial comments plastered across the screen (Spammed). Thanks to all that make these games available to us nutters that spend ours on it (It's great). Please keep up the great work as i'm sure there are not many people that give you the praise you deserve.
  4. How can Lt simpson get away with harassment and racial/homophobia abuse? When i sign in i get attacked by said player and admin do nothing. Don't know him never met him yet he gets away with posting F*ggott N*gger etc and gets away with it. Some children play this game and have to put up with this posted across the screen its disgusting and admin should stamp it out.
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