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  1. I play Red Alert 2 YR and CnC:Reloaded with my friend. We played the Coop maps but its too hard for us. Is there a change to change the "start money", so we could build few more units at the beginning? Could I use the Map Editor to load the Coop maps (found in CnC:Reloaded Maps folder) and change the start money or rules? Thanks!
  2. Ok now it works. Its very funny, its only working with a LAN cable (direct connection or switch/hub). Via WLAN (adhoc or router) it doesnt work! I have Antivir free antivirus without firewall or internet security.
  3. Mhhh I dont think this will help because WLAN goes through my router, because its local network the router doesnt firewall the connection. But I will test it. Anyone successfully do a LAN game under Win7??
  4. With this version it doesnt work, too. We cant see us in the LAN Menü. We disabled our window firewalls ... doesnt work ...
  5. My friend and me downloaded the FullRa version of Red alert 1 and installed it. We are both in the same local TCP-IP (WLAN-Router) network and could see us in the windows network. But if we start Ra95.exe and click on Network we cant see us! We already start cncnet and choose direct peer 2 peer connection and created the winsock.dll but nothing works. We also tried to set up a WLAN ad-hoc network. Do we really need IPX to play? But I think this will not work because our router doesnt support IPX (I think so).
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