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  1. If there is one, am I missing it? Basically, I don't like that players who leave games automatically explode upon departure. And the reason for this is simple: once you get invested in a long-duration game (say 20+ minutes), a player may have built up an impressive base and territory hold, but may lose a battle they feel is critical and then leave. However, ultimately the situation may be recoverable if his teammate is capable... but the point is immediately rendered moot because the first player quits, destroying his base. I really feel like there should be a toggle on the game creation screen where we can choose whether or not a player quitting results in the destruction of his assets, or the PC taking over. Because, about 50% of the time, I feel like I really miss out on an opportunity for a victory (or a longer game) because the teammate who I am allied with (or fighting against) suddenly vaporizes himself, and the game ends.
  2. Hey all, I was wondering: is there any way to access the maps from the actual in-game missions? I'd love to be able to modify one. If they're accessible, where are they stored in the game folders?
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