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  1. Anyone remember how a team wanted to create a mod for Command & Conquer 3 to drop it into the Tiberian Dawn universe? http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-dawn I just had the privilege of playing this mod, and I gotta say, it's a worthy first effort. The problem is it's not quite finished, and powers that be really want to get it done, but they need help. A studio called "War Studio," which also works on Renegade II, is stepping up to help finish the job, but they need reinforcements. I can't code or draw much, but you know me-I can provide technical and military insight, and the studio, "War Studio," just recruited me. So, if anyone can help see this mod to its next step, by all means, contact War Studio on ModDB, and let's see if we can't jumpstart this thing. http://www.moddb.com/company/war-studio Hell, it's motivated me to write my C&C stories again (but God knows when they'll actually get fielded xD). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO9F5ZwotCk
  2. Perhaps. But the page that was linked is useful to me nonetheless. I'll need that intel for my stories. Thanks! I'll keep digging...gotta be here somewhere...
  3. Which is what I was forced to do... But I know for a fact that there's an image of that plate somewhere. Didn't you use that to mark the Tiberian Sun installation pack icon?
  4. Hello, gents. I'm looking to acquire an image of the Tiberian Sun main menu screen or logo WITHOUT the "Tiberian Sun" plate on the top. Just the circle and crosshairs in the background. I could have sworn I had one...but I can't seen to find it in my file listing. For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUYFpMfHfB8
  5. That's the thing... It's not a single-player map. It's a multiplayer map. And from what I've been seeing, I don't think it can be done, but if someone has figured something out, I'd love to know... Although that one mission in Firestorm, GDI side; dispatch to stop a riot between mutants and civilians...now...how to open that map up...
  6. Classic play. Come time of June, EA will be shutting down a long list of servers. Including Generals, C&C3, Red Alert 3, and all Battlefields prior to 4. http://www.ea.com/1/service-updates Thoughts? P.S.: GameRanger works for running C&C3, but I don't know if it can handle mods...
  7. Well, creating a unit under the "Special" owner causes it to become friendly to the player, and thus, it cannot be automatically shot. Likewise, it doesn't become hostile to any other unit on the battlefield. Using "JP" automatically reverts the unit ownership to Nod. If that happens, any Nod computers or players will be able to control the unit. As a neutral, both the Mutants and Civilians will attack the player, but not each other if placed within close proximity... I think there might be something I can do with triggers and groups though...like how traffic moves... But I gotta say, coming up with the mechanism to make a single unit assume a patrol path (after examining the Cityscape map to see how it's done), the process is long and a serious pain in the ass...kind of reminds me how the Starcraft Campaign Editor worked...
  8. Hello all. Some of you know me from other communities and will remember that I write Command & Conquer stories. In particular, I write with a style similar to that of the late Tom Clancy, focusing on political and military accuracy. As part of my research, I have been focusing on the weapons used in the games and describing them as their real-life depictions. At this time, there's one weapon that's been driving me nuts! http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/GAU-3_Eliminator The rifle used by the C&C infantry: The Calico; either the M-900, M-951, or the Liberty I. I have been struggling to get this weapon IDed properly. For the longest time, I thought it was the Calico M-951 Semiautomatic Rifle, but I've been starting to have doubts. Various arms dealers, research websites, and even Calico themselves all have different labels for this weapon and have contradicted each other. Calico e-mailed me long ago, labeling it the M960, but I'm not convinced. As far as I have observed: -the weapon has a telescopic stock, not the solid stock of multiple Liberty variants -the muzzle compensator is smaller than the compensator which is listed as the identifying feature of the M-951, although there are both 2-inch and 3-inch compensators available -the foregrip is obviously the M951 Kelly grip -the magazine is the 50-round helical magazine -the barrel is too long to be the M960 Submachine Gun -there appears to be an indentation on the rear of the muzzle compensator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgyF2wEaXLs = Calico's main webpage video http://calicolightweaponsystems.com/home/index.php?page=Home = Calico's main webpage http://www.armslist.com/posts/1347148/little-rock-arkansas-rifles-for-sale--calico-m900-unfired = Arms List sales entry http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2010/05/robert-farago/gun-review-calico-light-weapon-systems-liberty-i-m-900/ = Calico weapons blog entry http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Calico_Series_of_Rifles_and_Pistols#Calico_M100 = Firearms movie listing page http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=399790746 = sales page for an M-951, depicting images which indicate the weapon is an M-951, even though it looks extremely similar to the M-900 and Liberty I... http://www.gunauction.com/buy/11199525/rifles-for-sale/semi-auto-rifle/early-calico-liberty-i-9mm-100rd-drum-with-box-no-reserve = sales page for a Calico Liberty I, with indication labeling it as such, despite extremely similar design Before I go deciding on what I'm going to write this weapon off as, I'd like to encourage some discussion, especially if someone sees something I might have missed. I have reached out to Calico once more to ask for exact clarification, but I'd like input from all of you. I really don't want to get this wrong... Note: This would be a hell of a lot easier if I knew when these specific models were all manufactured... Update: I recently came across this document, which lists manufacturing years, but I can't determine the information's exact citation or source...http://www.docstoc.com/docs/35171510/Calico-Firearms-Weapons-List I can now verify this information as credible, since it has been featured in the Blue Book of Weapon Values, which also lists the manufacturing year: http://bluebookofgunvalues.com/Gun_Values/Manufacturers/CALICO_LIGHT_WEAPONS_SYSTEMS/Categories/CARBINES__SEMI-AUTO?id=CALICO_LIGHT_WEAPONS_SYSTEMS_CARBINES_SEMI_AUTO Furthermore, it should be recognized that the Calico weaponry fell under the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 due to their high magazine capacity, which explains why many of them weren't mass-produced afterwards until only a few years ago. Update: Based on this intel, I'm prepared to uphold this weapon's designation as the M-951, although I'd welcome discussion and further analysis (http://bluebookofgunvalues.com/Gun_Values/Manufacturers/CALICO_LIGHT_WEAPONS_SYSTEMS/Categories/CALICO_LIGHT_WEAPONS_SYSTEMS_CARBINES_SEMI_AUTO/Models/CALICO_LIGHT_WEAPONS_SYSTEMS_CARBINES_SEMI_AUTO_M_951_TACTICAL_CARBINE?id=CALICO_LIGHT_WEAPONS_SYSTEMS_CARBINES_SEMI_AUTO_M_951_TACTICAL_CARBINE)
  9. Not sure this is working... I found the "House" controls and set up a "Mutants" house, but it says "if this is a multiplayer map, don't create any new houses here!" Ignoring this, after creating the standard and "Mutant" houses, I got the error upon saving "This is a multiplayer map with houses." Upon loading the map, it instantly crashed... I am trying to create a multiplayer skirmish map with 2 hostile neutral sides; civilians and mutants...not sure this can be done...
  10. Tiberian Sun. The map in its current state is attached.
  11. Thanks. The map has since been corrected and is in a working state. Now, to spice it up with mutants and militia! See my other topic on a question asking how to get them to attack each other. http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=2903.0
  12. Hey, dudes. Simply put: I've got a skirmish map for Tiberian Sun. Civilian militia in the center in a small well-fortified base with vehicles and infantry. I've got mutants in small clusters surrounding said militia base. Now, how can I make the militia and the mutants hostile to each other? I'm not looking for any NPCs to move and attack each other (though that might be interesting)...I just want them to shoot each other (and the players) if anyone crosses paths. The map in its current working state is attached. I have experience with FinalSun as well as Starcraft campaign editors. urban_brawl.rar
  13. (Or I could be totally wrong in terms of .map and .mpr file intricacies...)
  14. Hello, everyone. Upon experimenting with my map, I discovered that it was causing internal errors and subsequently a full game crash (i.e., "Tiberian Sun has encountered an internal error and must close.") A friend and I did some testing, and we discovered that blue Tiberium placed close or on slopes (like in a crater) caused the map to crash. Neither one of us knows exactly why... Removing the "craters" and flattening out the terrain near the blue Tiberium fixed the problem. Although we'd like to know why the problem was present in the first place. The map in question that I'm working on is attached. --- Secondly, I managed to resolve an issue with getting a map to appear in both offline and online play; specifically, "Excessive SE." The solution to this is to adjust your options in your "Edit - Basic" tab, to change "Multiplayer Only" from 1 to 0. Then you can play the map both online and offline, as long as its located in the proper folder. urban_brawl_problem.rar
  15. Has anyone gotten the theme packs from Tiberian Sun, Tiberian Dawn (and hell, let's throw Renegade in here, since it had one) to work with Windows 7? And by 'work,' I mean have then accessible in the Windows theme menu. I installed them, yet can't see them. Understandably, they were designed for XP and older OSes...
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