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  1. Just installed Red Alert 2 off my old CD's again and was playing a LAN skirmish with my brother. I am not a pro at C&C by any stretch, but compared to Tiberian Sun, the brutal AI in Red Alert 2 was a pushover. It seems like the AI never attacked, or built super weapons, just sat in their base. Is this how the AI was in RA2 or did something happen in my game perhaps where they didn't behave correctly?
  2. Does it specifically need to be cncnet4? The latest version I am using with Tiberian Sun is ver.5
  3. I noticed that Red Alert 2 is the only older C&C game that is not available in the download section of this website. I own a legitimate copy of Red Alert 2, how do I get it to work with the C&Cnet program? Is there a tutorial for this? Thank you.
  4. Just discovered this program. I downloaded the CnCnet program for Tiberian Sun and started skirmish to test it out. It seems the in game music does not play. Is there anything I need to do to enable music, do I need to download the original C&C Tiberian Sun source files for instance? Also in game my mouse scrolled violently from one side of the screen to the other, I am assuming this is because I have a newer razer mouse with some sort of mouse acceleration. Perhaps it will need to be disabled for this game?
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