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  1. OK. Is it possible to combine mod with the map ? I've seen the ability to edit Rules in the map editor. But there is only the Rules file, and my mod contains files Aftermath and file for icon . Can all three mod files connect to a map that other players do not have to download and replace the game files on modified ?
  2. Thank you ! Everything works. Now, to play this mod online i need to place these files in the game directory or need to do something else ? And what program is needed to edit and create files XDP format ?
  3. Hi ! I did a little mod on RA1 which changes the balance and gameplay, making it similar to the TD gameplay. But I need help how to optimize\to apply the mod to this version of the game. As far I remember Cncnet 5 no longer uses ini files, also there is a problem with the icon for a single unit. who understands all this please tell me what to do next ? How to apply the mod to the game and how to get the icon for the unit ? RA1_balance_mod.rar
  4. One of the main problems of balance, this bonus countries. Russian bonus low price makes them IMBA. Because of a Heavy tank for them is only 854$ instead 950$. The bonus applies to buildings too. I would suggest to remove all the playing country and replace them with three points * Random, Allies and Soviet * without any bonuses. Or just reset\delete all bonuses countries.
  5. Hi! Can you explain in detail ( step by step) where and how insert an icon for unit... example for classic mamonth tank or flame tank?
  6. I want what to specify.. The country Russia has 10 % less cost. Whether it means , what the speed of construction also is increased? You see the less price, the faster is construction. Hence Russia has two bonus?
  7. Good day! Very like yours portable Red Alert version. But some questions have appeared: 1 Why does not play Lost Vidio from PS1 Retaliation in addons mission? In the standard version works normally. 2 In extra options I have seen an opportunity to activate beta version of some units (tesla tank and fleet). But having activated these units option of any changes has not appeared. How them to activate? Requests 1 When you guys will fix the countries bonus bugs for England and France, and give some bonus to Greece, Turkey and Spain? My recommendations such: Greece - 10 % builds faster. Turkey - 10 % is less cost (as at Russia). Spain - 10 % is faster air. 2 Make a sound for mines deploy. This sound work in PS1 versions. But In PC is not activated 3 If it is possible to correct damage homing missls. In some places \ corners they as though mow also purpose almost does not receive harm. 4 To activate Phase transport and Hellicarrier. I tried to make it... But there is no effect. I have made Aftermath.ini and change technological level. For FT 11 (only for an alliance) and HC 7 (for all). But it works only in missions, skirmish and old CnCnet 4 5 And last... If it is possible to correct bug when units at attack on the purpose, approach in dense Excuse for mine curve English
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