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  1. Gyurcsany has arrived! Previous Revenge GYURCSA4.MPR
  2. Now comes the 4th Revenge. Enjoy! Next Revenge Previous Revenge GYURCSA3.MPR
  3. Because the MSZP logo looks like this.
  4. This is the official MSZP's map in Red Alert 1. Also check out the Gyurcsany's Revenge series. MSZPBYM0.MPR
  5. Now the series goes to trilogy. Enjoy! Next Revenge Previous Revenge GYURCSA2.MPR
  6. Thank you for the suggestion, maybe next time. In the middle of the map, the waypoint is not a starting point.
  7. The Revenge continues. Enjoy! Next Revenge Previous Revenge GYURCSA1.MPR
  8. The new CnCNet update says: -WARNING- The map contains possible cheats! Do you really want to play it? The map contains 21 STRUCTURES lol, only Gyurcsány has cheats in this map. :roll:
  9. This map is Ferenc Gyurcsány's Revenge (a former Hungarian Prime Minister). Enjoy! Next Revenge GYURCSA0.MPR
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