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  1. Yes, all by myself I found all sorts of YR maps, lots and lots of them, including the "1138 maps pack". But, you see, I do not want 1138 maps, or 944, or 727.356. I want a few specific ones. Your reference helped me to find a site where most of them are, for which I am grateful. I pass over your misdirected sarcasm in silence. Have a nice day.
  2. Thank you! On the site "Game Maps" I have so far found 7 of the 26 maps I'm looking for, and hope to find more as I get through all 56 pages of maps.
  3. I am trying to find a source to download some Yuri's Revenge maps that I have the names of but not the source for--I don't recall where I got them and Google has not yet helped. Does anyone know a site where I could find any of the following: City of Impression / Piraeus Harbor / Sarajevo / Yvonne's Diary
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