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  1. Returned to tiberian sun about 2 weeks ago and have been amazed at how good some of the players are (note - with anti cheat enabled) and have been gathering information on who the top players are, some of whom i haven't even heard of. Feel welcome to add players or make your own lists, this is what i've seen from playing countless forest fires and terrace games. Heres the top guys that stood out for me Corpsmakr Carnage finecigar Trz hondata kapa371 phenomena powerush spawn1uk [ofa]yongbo nemesis sky tsplayer alexz dlzz mikegoesmad felipexx sudnevo probably more i have missed or not played with- but the skill level seems to have improved drastically since i last came on - must be something to do with being able to spec games and players are learning a lot more from eachother.
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