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  1. Curious what dictates the number of ships you can build? Is there a certain number per game, per player or team? Know more naval yards the faster build. But have noticed some players can keep building ships when I cannot. Thanks
  2. Rayh78

    Hot Keys

    Am I doing something wrong. Is there keys to get the side menus to scroll. For picking a building or weapon to build. Tried arrow keys and the D and F key. Only thing I found that works is my mouse scroll wheel. But it changes both of them. Thanks
  3. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help
  4. Thanks, worked great. With the change this is the first time I have played red alert with my son in about 14 years. He like a lot of other PC games, but this is the only one I ever cared for. Tonight we played one game for over an hour. The other team we played against had one player that ended up building 166 ships during the game. Somehow I am sure this one player we were playing against, had some type of cheat code. No way we could build that fast. One time we knocked out a power plant. A second later 3 new power plants popped up. But definitely not one after another. Not even real quick one after another. But all at one time. Just happen to catch it once an actually see it happen. We also had a good base and it was touch and go. But it ended up 2 against one and we won. Also I noticed just sometimes when you click on build a tank it will give you a tank out of 2 different war factories if you have more than one. But I have only had that happen a few times. Is there a trick to this. Anyway thanks a lot for the fix.
  5. Also tried to play two different games hosted by two different people. Only one PC can connect to a game at a time, Other one gets a message other system not responding when try to start game.
  6. I can play online with my desktop or my laptop. But can't play with both like when I want to play a game with my son. Is same internet connect with a router. One pc is a cable other wireless. We both can join a game but then when starts saids connection lost. Is there a way to do this. Also is there a way to just play each other over my home network. Thanks for any help
  7. Not too sure how to post the screen shots. But problem has changed. But now have 2 problems. With the laptop I finally got it to work by clicking the run button about 12 times before it took. But it does look like it working. But a problem just started on my desktop. Over pass couple week have played on the desktop at least 40 times with no problem. Now I get a error box for win 8.1 smartscreen. Have to go into my setting and turn off windows smartscrren and then rmember to turn back on after a game. Any suggestions or do you just expect these bugs to pop up. thanks
  8. Using the same Avast antivirus I use on my win 8 desktop if that helps.
  9. Red Alert 1 downloaded and installed fine on my win 8 desktop. But cant get it on my win 7 laptop. Thought I had it but when I go to play I can get to the lobby but not join a game. Some compatiability issues. So try to reinstall. But cant get past a security warning box that saids publisher cant be verified. Click run anyway but will not let me past this box. please any help? thanks
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