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  1. Ok heres what ive foun since returning, i pld vaguely on xwis but havent pld properly since 2002! - the quality of players has improved since returning, trz, kapa, finecigar and then maybe carnage are clearly the best players by a head, then there are a good 15 players under them who regularly give me a decent game. the best NOD ive seen is mola and the best 2v2 player ive seen is kapa. trz is incapable of adjusting his game to accompany a lesser skilled opponent, i believe this to be his ownly downfall. - harv bombing?? used it to defeat dazireland today and he spent 15 minutes crying in the lobby that i was a noob and he will never play with me again, if its not allowed i wont do it, but i used 2 do it a lot back in the day - apc engi rush? - played and beat someone called ra1nstorm (never heard of him) used apc engi in the 2nd win and he just went crazy said i was going to be banned from cncnet and i was a loser. if its not allowed in 1v1 i wont do it, but i didnt know there was suddenly rules to terrace games. (please dont ban me) - racism - noticed a lot of racism towards the pakistani players like xtrmforce, jaidi etc - some of it is a joke which is fair enough but someone called UltAtk played a 1v1 and was hurling abuse at zaki for entire game, it was boredline cruel at how far he was going. - 1v1 and clan ladder - not much more to say really, will it ever return? - the game speed also seems a lot quicker than it did years ago, i remember 3v3 forest fire clanners taking hours due to the speed, its quite fast now. - i cant shoot down an mk off a carry as easy as i used to, not sure if this has something to do with the coding ....
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