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  1. o ok i see you have to click on that blue link to login with your name and password from here. eat shit sean lmfao
  2. wtf no answer here? funky? anyone almost 50 people see this and you reply to TRZ gay question and not mine?
  3. when i start it says i need to register which i have and it wont let me start tourny games still.
  4. a1ManArmy


    yes new colors. like the old color patch for WOL
  5. nevermind it just started working for some reason weird
  6. i cant even login it just stays frozen at the screen where u hit play online skirmish options. it wont even go to the updates
  7. cant start my ts or tib dawn after last update about 5 hours ago. wont go past the load screen from online play. and then when i did get it to it gave me some old tiberian sun.old error something. i deleted the folder and resintalled still same problem it wont open.
  8. the best way to do it and im sorry to say that TRZ is right cause F that guy... is to make it a limit of games u can play vs a person in a row or in a time period or they will just get free points for ever. but the mod map thing drives me nuts no mod maps for tournys that was along time ago and i still agree with it but... no there is more mod mappers then WW map players and thats a hard fact. i really wish they would just learn real maps but everyone is stuck in their ways cause i know WW mappers dont want to play mod maps.
  9. new update around 5 hours ago cncbot message told me to restart ts. i went to restart try to come back when i hit the play online when it loads it just sits there then i have to close it down from task manager. so i deleted the file and went to install again now i get some error about tiberian sun.old something cant be copied.
  10. allot of us still play ^_^ but not tomany
  11. um i thought kyle was dead wtf is this mammy2k shit
  12. this is the tiberian sun part of the forum correct? then yea probably not this is were it will go.
  13. yea tsdraw mode makes my mouse lag in game i use the 2nd one but i still get IE's and on the third one i still get IE's. i only seem to get them when the game is really laggy someone has a shit connection like Oldskewl.
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