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  1. Hi guys, Sorry about the interrupt today on Japan and Australia -> just had to switch the datacenter location within a short time. As you maybe noticed, malaysia is down cause of hosting reasons. In a conversation with FunkyFresh we decided to host one in Singapore from now. All Servers are now up and running again. I've got asked in the past why i don't host Servers in Germany, the reason is that this Hosted-Server are more there for people without a powerfull Internet-Connection. In Europe the most of the people are having a good Internet connection, so there's no tunnel needed. But if there should be some people who need one in Germany / Europe, let me know. Also if there's a missing location somewhere on the World, where you need a tunnel, let me know! Enjoy! Rowtag
  2. Hello, For me the servers are listed by distance, but i like it to have it sorted by ping, cause near distance is not always best connection. Also i like to have the official on top, so i don't have to scroll. For me it's also not possible to filter it / sort in in the list: Thanks for any tweaks and your good work
  3. Hello Guys, If you think there is a location which needs a own cncnet tunnel, just let me know. I think we are offering a good sort of tunnels right now, but it's possible to set 1 or 2 more up if there's some need. Also please let me know if there are any performance problems. I see that we are getting a lot of people all over the world, starting to play C&C again. It's time for holidays in some parts of the world, so the tunnels are getting more used. It's important to get your feedback if there are some performance issues. Thank you for playing. And I wish you some nice holidays if you got some! Row
  4. So it seems to work fine. Thank you for testing too
  5. Its an exe which u can use, but its java based.
  6. Allright Thanks.. btw server: rowsnet.com Thank you for your feedback.
  7. Good Day, Since i updatet the Java Version to 8.25, i always see that Clients have Timouts. Example: Client xxxxx timed out. I only saw this first time after Java update. Is that possible? Any Solutions? Thank you
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