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  1. wanting to know so I can record at the appropriate fps. I know 3 and above are 30fps but some people tell me the older ones are 60 but i am not so sure since I cant get a reading with fraps etc. thanks.
  2. I'm wanting to try get the soundtracks from the majority of the C&C games in the pack for Audiosurf.. having trouble finding into. Thought I'd ask here. Anyone know how to do it if its possible? If not possible, is there a way to get the songs legally? I really want them.
  3. Oh I'd love to watch some online matches! Has anyone here ever thought of setting up streams of them?
  4. Started doing it myself. Am keen on finding others who do it so I can see the game from other peoples perspectives. Particularly am keen to see people play custom maps.. sadly am struggling to find those sort of videos to watch.
  5. Just reading through this now (had been away from the PC for bit) but I have good news! I finally finished all the covert ops! And I want to say on Nod Death Squad.. that mission was definitely one of the harder ones. I also found The Tiberium Strain quite tricky. Infact.. Nod Missions in general I found to be the most challenging in both normal Campaign and the expansion. Why is that I wonder? Anyone else notice this?
  6. So. Right. I bought the big pack on Origin with all the C&C Games and I'm committed to 100% beating them all. 2 weeks later... I'm still mopping up the Covert Operations :O These missions are among the hardest things I've ever played in my life. I am down to only having 4 missions left to do though (I am keeping my progress of all my games in a Journal, no I am not lying) and I have to be honest I am dreading what the Red Alert expansions have to offer on difficulty. I feel like a gaming god right now just because of how nearly finished I am with these levels! I have to hand it to the developers.. they really know how to make you feel like you've achieved something! Anyone got some stories of their own about the Covert Ops? Currently I myself am hunting down jewel cases for Command and Conquer and Covert Ops to add to a collection now hehe
  7. Thanks guys. Still havent managed to get it the way I want but I have managed to make a compromise. I've put the game at 800x600 and it seems to help my multi monitor situation and it lets me record at that res which I can use on OBS to stretch it accordingly. Awesome forum here.
  8. Unfortunately I already tried that and yeah.. it basically turns my game into a tiny letter box
  9. But I have no idea how to do this. I've tried the HiRes patch available but it forces my game to be ultra small and it just isn't the look I want because its unplayable for me. CnC95 and RA1 have these patches where you can make the default res stretch to any res you want and it looks really good at least to me and I want this for Dune 2000. I managed to do this also with Warcraft 2 with something called ddraw.ini but I cannot get that to work with Dune 2000 sadly. If anyone can help me please this would be good as I recently got Dune 2000 again and really want to enjoy it. I have been searching for a solution all day. I also plan to do Lets Plays of this game which is also why I need this solution as it makes multi monitor work correctly. Thanks in advance for all help.
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