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  1. Thanks.. would love a mod to do this if possible.. or told how to do it manually. I want these tracks to listen to lol
  2. My biggest way to stop rushing in Starcraft (mostly from Zergs) was simply to take advantage of rushers inability to multi task. Lure swarm away with one unit running and then sick the rest on em
  3. Rushing is a perfectly viable strategy in all RTS games. Learn to counter against it and any second not spent on making a unit is a second wasted.
  4. Yeah I noticed that myself and am considering this in future ones I'm doing. Infact, i did one recently for my partys Youth Wing (Anyone outside New Zealand probably wont get this) with a better font colour option as well.
  5. I'm asking in lots of forums im in just thought I'd ask here since theres people here who manage to get these old games working on modern machines haha
  6. Note I am not talking about the GOG version I am talking about the disc version for windows 95. Not a pirated copy either. We have tried that patch and it simply re-adds files deleted in the pirated copy. Anyway if people can help me out.. this would be great. Thanks!
  7. Just wondering if anyones made any original or photoshopped creations about Red Alert? Made this today out of boredom, my new Avatar now heh.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rid1UGiRGBE Good watch, first time I've seen him be interviewed haha
  9. :roll: At the moment I'm trying to decide between Dasha and Tanya.. XD Who is your guys favourite?
  10. Hmmm... weird. All I can think of is that if you're using an AMD graphics driver, temporarily disable CCC. If not, try asking at http://xwis.net/forums/, there are a few RA2/YR gurus there. Nvidia card. I'll go see what they say over at xwis. thank yee
  11. Neither of those stretched Yuri's revenges movies or menu for me. but in RA2 on its own it stretched the menu and boxed the movies.
  12. Just tired that extra allowmodetoggle thing and everything just seems to force to 640x400.. if I set everything ot 1080p red alert 2 is fine, the videos are boxes but otherwise its all still 1080p thus recordable but yeah yuris revenge the menu and everything just stays locked to 400p but the game will be 1080p ingame.
  13. Not really a walkthrough as such, more just me playing the game putting on sometimes serious sometimes whacky commentary xD although I do try to be factual where I can and yeah I have managed to get dawn of tiberium age up and running, just need to get used to it more before comfortable enough to record etc. will get there soon enough though. bit pre-occupied with ironing kinks out in red alert 2.
  14. Legends. Thanks guys. xD Now I just need to figure out how to get the menu and cinematics to scale to 1080p instead of being small boxes. Yuris Revenge does not have that issue.. but im thinking I can get around it by scaling it myself in the video editor if it comes down to it. Edit: nevermind seems Yuris revenge does have the issue.. aargh.. aaargh.. Right.. looks like I now need to figure out how to make the menus and stuff in 1080p like normal RA2 does.. otherwise recording is going to be difficult. :/
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