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  1. foodlion 1-0 xforce - food is way ahead so far need new challengers
  2. Whosthat/brain 1-1 fo0dlion playing 3rd now
  3. results so far: black91 1-0 Alter3go [PAK]Xforce 1-0 [PAK]Abaxi
  4. Holding a 1v1 games room over the next 2 days - I will be the host along with [PAK]Xforce and players can come online and join my room, providing they dont lag they can spectate. If the hosts DC then you must provide SS and send it too one of us showing you as the winner. Rememer we are not idiots so dont try to fool us with fake screenshots or excuses. you will have the chance to play the same players more than once, i will make a note of the result, for example, if c0rpsmakr and trz play 4 times, and trz wins 3 times, then he will progress. i will not settle at 1 game to decide a match. If you disconnect from a game, I will make a decision on who was ahead, and they will be awarded a win. If its 2 close to call, i will let that game be null. Im not stupid, if you fail in an attack and i can see the opponent has a clear advantage and you DC then obviously this will go down as a loss. it is very rare in this day and age for a player to disconnect from a game, we are in 2014 after all. think this is only fair.. The games room is open now, any feedback appreciated but one player will receive $50. GOOD LUCK
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