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  1. thanks goose. i just hosted 3 or 4 gamfes. and used a german server to do it. i am yet to join a game. Funky when you are on next i'll try and join you. but being able to host may have unloxcked something that was preventing me from joining. cheech and gooseman could both join a game. just not me. but how awesome to be able to host tower defence again. i love these maps. XD :laugh: :laugh:
  2. so it's not possible i created a conflict when i logged into another computer on our network? just coincidence that it all happened at once? i don't know what else to do neither does the isp and the hardware manufacturer
  3. nope. doen't work. my isp and i are in negotiations with my home server. let you know how it goes.
  4. Damn i gotta stop playing tower defense then oh yeah to late ok i'll try that in the morning. however. how did it happen at all? and what are the danger s of having the fire wall down?
  5. It seems Divine has done it again in my house we have 3 computers my husband has one i have one and the kids have another. the kids one first belonged to my husband then me then kids. red alert is installed on all three. recently i logged onto the kids one to play under my login however after playing a few games in another person's game. i hosted about 10 games before i gave up trying. not one connected and most were with all very good connections too. then I logged into my computer and could not host. now cannot join anyone elses games. my husband logged into his only and cannot host. my eldest daughter is learning to play and now she cannot host. however on a lan wireless home network, we can all host and all join. we cannot however do this live. (they can join, just not host) now you have the story i have a question. could i inadvertently locked up the 3 usernames by changing computers from the same network? I also noticed that our usernames no longer appear on the computer that has 'done the rounds...' and yes, i have had a lengthy discussion with my firewall and antivirus programs. both swear it wasn't them and i checked to make sure. also tried joining on one with a few helpful users and some very patient friends. and still no matter the reinstall, the modem power off, the open port thing, the fire wall down, the full system sweep for virus, malware, and advanced system care's awesomeness. i cannot play :'(
  6. that's the only file i foun from around that time. hope it's the one :/ cncnet5.ini
  7. the first time i play migs in ages :/ lol i certainly have a talent. 2 12migshuman v 2 ai 12 migs ra95crash.dmp
  8. yeah i get that part. it was all the other parts. like not being able to make a dent in a construction yard with 30 hinos. loosing all my hinos, right clicking over icon, and not being able to build more. goose was building heaps of building and i couldn'y, he was also building tanks. it was the map that looks like a book
  9. lol i think it's the map. happened 2 more times till i switched maps
  10. here's an odd one for you to chew on, i was playing a game - all human and the vehicals maxed out, then the cohppers but then every time i tried to build anything it would go on hold. like i had no cash. i dad pleanty. so i took about 30 choppers to take out contructions yards (4 or 5) and i took out one then did no damage to the next two. no damage. i couldn't even take out a power plant. at this point, i gave up. my troops were under a spell. also after i lost a whole bunch of choppers, i couldn't build any more of them either (about 2/3 of my swarm) yet ally and opponent al building every where and here i am getting destroyed unable to defend yself/ also i swear i saw 2 yellow building appear simultaneously. how does one do that?
  11. :mad: i build 1 mig and the game crashes. started all human 3v3. 1 ai at time of crash. i had heaps of chopper and 3 runways. i started to build migs and as the first one was built the game crashed. i hosted. started to use a hoard of choppers in favour of migs (for this very reason lol) will tghis bother the mig fault? i have about 6 helipads ra95crash.dmp
  12. all human 3v3, migs every where, 3 ai 3 human at end then i crashed, here's a crash file for you. migs at max, choppers at max, tanks at max ra95crash.dmp
  13. this time 4v4 all human. had 9 migs, migs were everywhere goose had heaps, by the time i crashed 3 were ai. ra95crash.dmp
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