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  1. Hello there. I've been making some new vehicles. The Alphajet was to tiny si replaced it with a tornado jet. I feel it would be more like the A10. I've also been replacing the bradley nod light tank by the tank killer centauro. But it is bugging a little since the turret on this tank is on the rear of the vehicle. Anyway here are the .png for this 2 vehicles there not finished yet... Sorry you'll have to be more patient. I'm also working on matching the png for the VBL and the alphajet so it would be better. I tried to represent the NATO camo pattern, but I'm not completly satified for it so expect this vehicles to be redrawn. I'll post the icons as soon as possible. Good game to all.
  2. Ummm... what? O_o After you start using the purple palette, you don't need any palette conversion at all! Well I did... and it worked! after using Gimp I opened XCC mixer and then ctrl+p and select ccpwconv.pal. Then I followed the procedure and it worked.
  3. There's your problem. You try to change the palette. Don't do that. The palette is fine. C&C SHP files don't contain colours anyway. They just store palette indices, not the colours on them, and getting that right is exactly what my palette does. Convert it from this image straight to SHP and it works. I converted it without any problems, using the method described in my tutorial here. The rotation is a bit shaky, though. You need to center that around one point. I got it working... XD XD XD XD XD Well at least for the VBL. But I need to center it good. Thanks so much for the help! I found out that I had to make the palet conversion in purple ccwinter palette. I'll post the SHP as soon as I can.
  4. I've been tryning but I still got the same result... Here is the last .png I have. It should be using the purple palette. But when I try to make it back to CC palette (temp.pal) the player color isd purple. Can you help?
  5. I did use your palette... Probably messed up somewhere else :ranting:... I've been tryning but I still got the same result... Here is the last .png I have. It should be using the purple palette. But when I try to make it back to CC palette (temp.pal) the player color isd purple. Can you help?
  6. Hey there. I finally got time to correct the graphics. I have good graphics now but I still don't have player color... XD Look at the pictures of what I have now. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey there. IT'S WORKING! I'm so damn happy! But I still have some problems... Just details see the 3 pictures. The colors are corrupted, I think I messed up with the transparency color. Just newby stuff. XD Anyway I'll post new shp as soon as it is ready. Thanks for the support.
  8. Ok. I have been following your tutorial until this point: "7. In XCC Mixer, right-click on the first frame of the range, and use "Copy As SHP" (not "SHP (TS)") to convert it back to SHP file." It says error 1024 it says "all files should have name like "image ####.pcx" where #### is the zero based index... I managed to overcome this error but now it tells me "copy Jeep 0000 failed error 1" Do you know what could be wrong? Thanks in advance
  9. Ok... So how do you do? Is there any explaination on how to make a vehicle+ turret into an SHP? Thanks
  10. For your other SHP file, it works exactly the same way. Just call it the same as the internal name of the unit (the humvee is "JEEP"), add it to that same mix file, and it will show up in the game. Ok. But! I'm doing the SHP with SHP builder. When it comes to the jeep shp. i can only make a 29 frames unit. Meaning it will only take the vehicle. How can I add the machine gun? Thanks for the support.
  11. Ok. So if I want to replace the A-10 of TD by the Alphajet, How I'm I suppose to do? Do I just need to replace the SHP? Or do I need to do something else? Can you also tell me if I want to replace the humvee by the VBL? Thanks
  12. Hey there. Thanks for the advice I should it should be ok now. I edited the graphics on Gimp using the tutorials you made. I made a new SHP hope this one is working... @KILKAKON: The VBL should be a replacement of the Humvee for the GDI. So it shoot MG rounds IRL. The problem is that the machine gun is on the left side of the vehicle whereas on the humvee it is on the center. So maybe I'll have to put it on the center. Alphajet.zip
  13. Here is what I did: I built the object using google sketchup and then I took the gold color from TD and color the object on google sketchup. Than I used Photofiltre to resize it Than OS SHP builder to make the SHP. What do you mean by this: Don't worry too much, if you turn it all into separate frames, best to be probably png, you can then put it all back into an shp bringing all colors closest to the pallet colors. -Liam
  14. Arf sorry. here is the SHP Alphajet.zip
  15. Only the Alphajet is on temperate color for C&C TD, here is the SHP + a new .gif file. The VBL is a test I did. I have to color it the right way but otherwise it's should be ready soon. For the VBL I have a problem, when it come to slide 16 of the SHP it turn everything to purple... Alphajet.zip
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