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  1. Hey guys, Does anybody know if it's possible to disable the screen shaking, for example when a mammoth tank or a atom bomb explodes ? This is bugging me, because if you try to make a custom video / record footage of an epic battle, the explosions are like a millisecond lag. All that screen shaking is annoying. There has to be a ini right ? or is an in-game build function ? that cannot be overwritten by ini or map editing ?
  2. Yes, there the issue is caused by the fact that the mrls uses the radar jammer tank. I actually prefer it that way, it look more.. interesting. The normal version is too static, too small. I can only use included image files, too bad that there is no custom.mix file with every distribution of C&C in order to include more custom units and graphics created by the comunity. In that way it will be possible to create a mod with Ra2 inspired units or Ra3 inspired units or even other C&C games.
  3. This is my first Tiberian Alert mod map on Big Game Hunters This is not for those that like fast games and massing huge armies. You need to make strategic unit compositions and to plan your attacks, massing tanks will not work. I was inspired by other T.A maps and I wanted to make my own. The main changes -infantry cannot be crushed and it has more hit points. -engineers have a larger capture level (60%) -build speed and movement is slower -ore trucks have a slower rate -helicopters have infinite ammo, but they are balanced and easy to counter -you have a rocket tank that can destroy air units effectively -the APC was buffed up -no more GPS satellite -airfield for all -new tech center for allies -bio research lab for General and Tanya -General and Tanya have better weapons -the transport helicopter can heal units (need to force fire command to do that) it can be used as a support unit -MCV is significantly costlier -the SCUD launcher and artillery have been buffed up and balanced -the artillery has a slower firing rate but a bigger range and damage Just try the map to see all the changes. All my maps are updated here http://goo.gl/Bn8ImV Just download TA-BigGameHunters.mpr for this mod. I want to thank all those that made possible the modding options for T.A. PS: It will be nice to have a custom.mix file with many new custom units in order to expand the RA modding and mapping possibilities.
  4. Hi everyone, Like many other classic Ra players, I like the arena type of maps. When I say classic Ra, I mean normal maps, excluding infinite mineral maps or base building maps. For me it’s all about the tanks. 1. The most popular is Arena Valley Extreme. The version I’ve uploaded is more balanced in terms of money and starting locations. It is not 100% balanced, most of the Red Alert classic maps are not even 90% balanced. 2. Super Battle Arena is a mega map for almost 100% balanced. I had played the map with other players and the general feedback is OK. 3. Battle Royale is a mega mod map. In this map all the factions are equal, or better say, there are no more factions. You get access to all the units and structures. The ore is tweaked also. There are some changes in costs, power to make it harder to base build mass teslas. 4. Ra3 Arena is a small map, for quick games. It has tweaked ore, but it doesn’t regenerate quickly enough, so you have to control the area or expand. For experienced gamers that love fast paced games, this map is a good choice. Link to preview http://s48.photobucket.com/user/adytgvro/library/Red%20Alert%2095 Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B78DJMcW_eYJLWFIVVh3Nm9LSjQ/view?usp=sharing ArenaV2.mpr BArena.mpr BRoyale.mpr Ra3ASM.mpr
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