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  1. Oh that would make sense. I apologize for that then, I did not know that the game name would be monitored in such a fashion... It is after all the first time I have been banned for having profanity in my game names. And actually, I honestly forgot that the game name had racism within it, they keep remaking themselves using the same name (It's not something I fret over often). And as to the "Started", I've had numerous instances of insane names for my game (actually it's happened almost every time I play, at least once), which is likely why I thought it wasn't an offense. While I'm not pleading ignorance, because ignorance is not an excuse to break the law, I will say I had no idea that my game name would result in a month ban; without a warning. I've heard you guys are able to close other peoples games when they're idle and afk for too long, and then you send them a private message telling them not to do it again, couldn't you have done that instead? The lobby ban to me is understandable, and don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to be able to use your services for no charge, it's something that I respect and thank you for but this time, it was an honest mistake. Take it for whatever it's worth, but if you're looking for reasonableness, I doubt a person would risk a month ban for a stupid word in his game name. Thank you, Cnick
  2. I was first banned from the lobby... This was understandable, but now all of the sudden.. OUT OF THE BLUE, I've been banned for a month for racism? Let me ask you this... How can I be banned for racism if I was not allowed, and incapable of speaking in the lobby? Where is this racism coming from? Who has made the claim? I resent being affiliated with the racist people, I am the most accepting person on Earth. I play Tiberium sun, mind my own business, and get banned from the lobby... These are all things I do on a daily basis. Bit demean another human being? To do the unthinkable, unmistakably awful thing of racism? I would never. Slander... I might, addicted to pornography. I am guilty. Occasionally hinting at incestual relationships with my fantasy sister, I admit... I do. However... Racist? Never. Never in a million years. Have I kicked anyone who is of color form my games? Have I lashed out in order to attack those who are of color? Do I make it my destiny to hurt those of color? I think not. In fact.. I often play with a Sheek... The very opposite of a white man, and I consider him a fellow friend. I would like to understand why such rash measures have been taken for such apparent lack of concern for the rules. In fact, I would like to understand how this outrageous claim of racism is even possible given the circumstances that I AM UNABLE TO EVEN COMMUNICATE! And let us say... Even in the instance of me having acted in a racist manner, is a month banned from a game really, objectively, the reasonable method of implementing the rules? Sincerely, Cnick PS. The password reset does not work... It brings you to another page which tells you input your information.
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