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  1. well delete the thread then. i read some of your other posts you made today and concluded you must be on your period
  2. http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3357.0 I add new maps at the link above if interested.......
  3. Red head 2-8 Players . I named this map after a hot lil redheaded stripper i been tooling around with Its a purdy fun map to play Redhead.mpr
  4. In the last month or so and i noticed a huge decrease in my game play. In other words i fucking did shitty and got smoked in the last 4 games i have played.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/veronica.jackson.5682?fref=ts
  6. Stefor why haven't you been making new videos? You need to start doing shirtless push ups in your videos while drinking red bull and playing the theme song to Macgyver in the background. You say that you're the best player and commentator that has ever lived so this shouldn't slow your gaming or commentator skills down any. http://youtu.be/PNl9M5TxGC8
  7. Well kontebonker means ass banger, so i assume hes saying he has a gay name
  8. I never seen a key creator app in the RA2 folder before.. What does that thing do it sounds interesting
  9. Why would we want Red alert 1 on that shitty ass game client?Steam is like 15 pounds of shit stuffed into a 2 pound bag. Its not like you cant dl cnc's tiny ass client and play the game online... yeah lets do steam.
  10. When i get around to setting up my desktop, ill have to give it a go.. This laptop only has 2 gigs of ram so.....
  11. http://youtu.be/rBP1cIh27Oo Reminds me of Hitlers super tank http://youtu.be/jRfGmh8C_g0
  12. Has anyone played this grey goo yet? is it worth a fuck? WOW [glow=red,2,300]Recommended Requirements, System Memory 8 GB of RAM[/glow]
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