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  1. Free Crush-TA and Breakdown! LET MY PEOPLE GO! *Edit* Free Vardoc! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A07tDouATcE
  2. I was banned before that. Fixed it for you
  3. 3 accusations of cheating + 1 crooked moderator = Ban 4 Life The math is flawless.
  4. Funky - 1) Don't say DoS threats. Why was I banned? 2) Why can't you respond between July and October to polite requests? 3) Why does TB-Hezb like turtles? 4) What is salty but with no definite taste? 5) Talk to me one on one, bring ehy. I'll bring punch and pie, we'll have a tea party if you guys want to. I want to end my ranting in the chat, but I won't until you fix this or at least hear me out.
  5. You guys aren't staying neutral if I was banned for nothing. You're allowing ehy to abuse his power. I've asked you since July, politely at that, to please fix it. Obviously, it takes a threat to get a response from you. I enjoy this server, I enjoy most of the people here and I appreciate all of the hard work you and other people have put into this server. I do not however, appreciate being banned because I offended someone as a player.
  6. Last time I say this ehy. This is exactly how it went down and any MOD who cares to read through the previous post or this one can match it up. I accused you in June. I let it go. You messaged me weeks later, AFTER I stopped "harassing" you or whatever you want to consider it. In private messages you threatened me if I didn't agree that you didn't cheat. What does that say about you? It's not like I was in the General Chat everyday going on about you. You brought it up WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS later. Three weeks. How the hell does any reasonable mod or admin on this server not understand this? I'm allowed to think you're a cheater. I'm allowed to call you out for being out built by the guy who accused you of cheating, then calling you out again for RAGE QUITTING that game, then calling you out again for blaming it on the lag. I'm allowed to call you out for using the name EHYMIRC to manually crash a game. I didn't break any rules. You abused your power, plain and simple. You may not like what I had to say about you, but that isn't grounds for banishment. Nor is it grounds for banishment IN OCTOBER when the events that you're upset about took place back in June and the very beginning of July. I've e-mailed Tore politely about this. He wasn't a dick, he was reasonable. But because he trusts your word, now it's my word against yours. I've messaged Funky and he has nothing to say about it. Give me the specific reason why I was banned and for how long. What you're doing is unreasonable and while your circle jerk of elitist friends have your back, there are a quite a few people who are not a fan of how things went down. I've had people anonymously message me telling me that they've been through similar things here and have even threatened DoS attacks on CNCNet to get their way back in. I have the people that I play with regularly (which numbers in the dozens) that are upset not because it was me that was banned, but why it happened and how it's happened. The CnCNet Team (EHY and Funky) in particular are sending a negative message to the rest of the server that actually pays attention. If people speak up, or make any accusations (founded or not) they're fearful of being banned. These are things that Funky and the rest of the CNCNet team should strongly consider before dropping the hammer on me for good. Especially when you have trolls like Felipe spamming the General Chat, where in the words of Funky "children play."
  7. You have yet to tell me why I was banned. What rules did I actually break to be banned? You have people who spew racist comments in the General Chat, bring up politics constantly, impersonate other players and actually cheat (like TB-Hezb) and they're allowed to continue to play? I accused you of cheating back in JUNE and I was banned in October? It's ridiculous that this is being allowed to stand.
  8. Lastly, ehy, if you wanted to keep me muted until I "changed my story" as you so eloquently put it... what did I do in this thread that necessitated a ban? You're acting like the Thought Police from 1984.
  9. The mods can check the IP addresses of posts. That isn't me. He was initially muted for a few days for falsely accusing many people as cheaters in the client. He was warned several times before the mute. Instead of taking it on the chin, he comes on http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=4095.0 to continue haccusing and lying, as well as making offensive game rooms in the client and whatnot. So the thread got locked by another mod and the mute stayed for the time being. Then he saw the convenient opportunity to hijack this thread and started lying once again. -> ban Nothing will be removed if it's up to me and when he says that he did nothing wrong. I'm not upset, I just won't budge for no reason. Ehy, you're lying. I was not initially muted for a few days NOR was I warned about anything. Here's how things happened in chronological order: June: - DeadPool played At0m1, in front of witnesses, it seemed like At0m1 cheated. I called him out on it. - After I did that, you decided to take a crack at DeadPool. You beat him, he thought you cheated. - I called you out on it. - You messaged me saying you would show me a video to prove me wrong. I said sure, respectfully, that if you had a video I would watch it. - At0m1 names me the Noob of the Month. That was funny, I laughed about it. I even made a name out of it. July: - All of that happened in early June. Weeks pass and ehy finally messages me. At this point I'd stopped "harassing" At0m1, ehy and Ninja in the general chat. It was done. - Ehy shows me the video of him vs DeadPool. - The video is heavily edited and shows some inaccuracies in building speeds, which is suspicious. - Still, despite that, I was NO LONGER CONVINCED THAT EHY WAS A CHEATER! Which if you go back to my original post about this on the forum, I even said that. However, I wasn't convinced that he wasn't a cheater. After watching the video, I was 50-50 on it, but mainly didn't give a shit. - I told ehy that it could go either way, but I wouldn't bring it up again. That is the God's honest truth. - Having not convinced me 100% that he didn't cheat, ehy got angry. - After politely trying to end the conversation at least a half a dozen times, ehy kept coming back to it. He ultimately threatened me for not agreeing with him that he didn't cheat. He wanted a public apology and I refused to do it, but I said I wouldn't bug him anymore, just like I hadn't been for three weeks. - The next day, ehy, who never joined our games before, decided to play 3 vs 3 rasta with us. I went on Spec. After him running down DeadPool's building speed and talking a world of shit, DeadPool was outbuilding him easily. I pointed it out 5 minutes into the game, something along the lines of "DeadPool is a full building ahead of ehy" and ehy suddenly blames the lag, then quits. - When the game was over, I was muted. Yes, after I was muted I made room names offensive to ehy. That's because I should never have been muted in the first place. I wasn't upset that I was muted because I couldn't talk in the General Chat anymore. It pissed me off because I couldn't message anyone, including the dozen or so players that I regularly play with. I couldn't check to see if anyone was online. It was absurd. After a couple of weeks, I let the whole thing go. After that post back in early July, I dropped the entire thing up until the other day. From July to October, I kept quiet about it. Yes, when I saw another thread related to bullshit on here, I decided to bring it up. If that other guy was trying to steal members from this server and run down CNCNet, then he deserved to go. That's not on me. But since Funky, who has repeatedly ignored my requests to address this issue, was watching this post, I thought it'd be a good time to talk about it. As I've said before. TB-Hezb has been busted for cheating twice. He was banned for two months. Having done A LOT LESS, I was muted for 3, unable to coordinate games with my friends and now I'm banned because I brought it up 3 months after the fact? Ehy, I can respect you and not bring you up in General Chat anymore if I'm unbanned. But I won't apologize to you because you're telling half of the story. I've admitted what I've done wrong here, but I'm also calling you out for what you've done wrong. You harassed me because I didn't agree with you. You have yet to admit it.
  10. Now I'm banned? For what?! XD
  11. No problem as I'm done. I've been patient enough with you on this thread, on your thread http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=4095.0 and long before you were muted, so don't be surprised if your mute was changed to a ban. I don't care what you, DeadPool or other toxic noobs think of me, but when I'm moderating I do have to care when you go spamming around that I, At0m1, Ninja, Break(lol?), etc. are cheaters. The conversation is over when you see nothing wrong in that and continue doing that without any evidence as well as lying and defaming. I have enough logs, posts and videos to prove that you're lying about practically everything you've said about me. I can provide the evidence if people distrust me and that's the only way to keep me in this circus. That thread is from 3 months ago. I let it go for months and am now respectfully asking Funky to un-mute me. I'm not apologizing to ehy because respect is a two way street. If you're willing to be a man AND be honest with me about you overreacting, then I'm willing to let it go as well. But I'm not going to stroke your ego to get off mute.
  12. You do the crime, You do the time and that's exactly what i done. Now with you is a different story as you're not banned. You got muted because of your nonsense and you're still carrying on, other players got muted aswell but they didn't carry on like you over here so they got unmuted. If you're trying to get yourself unmuted, you're going about it the wrong way. Have Fun being silenced like a BITCH !!! Says the repeat cheater. I've done my time. Right, I need to clarify. It doesn't matter if you tools were toxic pros. I meant that I don't care what you, and people like you, think. Gladly I don't know many people like you. I don't know if you did, but you should have dropped it forever. I'm not responsible for your actions even though you found CnCNet because of my lame youtube videos. You never said that you just drop it and you never did, not even after the mute. Now you're not saying what you're dropping. Only thing dropping now is the hammer. I did drop it. I'd dropped it for three weeks and never would have mentioned it again until you threatened me. You didn't even threaten me because I kept calling you a cheater. You threatened me because you didn't convince me that you weren't.
  13. And I'm going to leave it on one final note. Repeat offenders, people that have been BUSTED for cheating like TB-Hezb have been allowed to return after 2 months. I've been on mute and unable to setup games with my friends since the beginning of July. That's three months now.
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