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  1. Legally XWIS is the official server. Even the admins here acknowledge XWIS is the official server, and it has been for a decade. Idiot. More and more people are coming to XWIS now that serials are being given out for free. Xwis.net/forums Xwis.net/ra2/
  2. Free ra2 serials for xwis. https://www.origin.com/en-ie/store/free-games/on-the-house
  3. Don't talk too big, bro. I've raped anyone and anything on RA2 in the past. Including you. The fact that you would be able to win the first games after I haven't played in over 4.5 years says nothing. That being said, you sound like JJ. You were a huge cheater (maphack, reshroud, internals) but we did have some good games at times, bro, so I salute you on a dailyyy! Incorrect. Either you didn't play in the old days or nobody knew who you were. I certainly didn't know who you were until someone mentioned you on s-t as a cheater or w/e That being said, congrats on winning some rank 1s before marko became much better, before latof became better than everyone, before tim became pretty good, before Max came back, before I came back, etc etc. And you have never played me before If you want, I can lower myself for a short bit and play you on GR hehe. I think you would struggle to get top 5 these days. As far as you not playing in 4.5 years....i don't believe you. I'm sure you've played on GR or cncnet lolz. I believe people mentioned seeing you there haha. And I quit for almost 7 years i think? Didn't take me long at all to become one of the best again. Let me know when you're ready to play
  4. Not to take away from Mr. Tomi and what he did a decade ago.... But I'm like 11-0 vs Tomi in the past 6 months. Tomi is basically a bailing noob these days. All the pros are just better now than players were years ago.
  5. Hello sir. I am an oldskool xwis player who came back after you were banned apparently. According to some s-t admins, all perm bans will be lifted soon. That being said, I welcome you back when that happens since I need more people to own
  6. Lol. And what purpose does that serve? If cncnet is really about keeping this game alive, why the fk would it matter where the RA2 games are played? Xwis downfall has been their inability to be practical in regards to how strict and pointless their rules are, and even there they would allow videos from cncnet or other servers. Somehow the admins on all the servers seem to be really stupid. Lucky us
  7. I'm an ra2 player but tried YR on cncnet just to see how the server looked. Any time the host started a game, i would go straight to lobby again. I also had the same problem on Game ranger in the past. Cone nat router error bla bla bla or something like that. Is port forwarding the issue? Why is this necessary for me to play a game on cncnet? I've never had to do anything like this on xwis and have never had any connection problems. So does anyone know why this is happening? Are there SIMPLE steps to fix this?
  8. By misbehavior, you mean calling you and other admins out on their BS? Zigzag: It was made plain as day that he is a perm banned player, with a very long history of cheating. He simply created a fake online identity and you allowed him to become an admin lol. Even when someone posted indisputable proof that he is indeed not who he claimed to be, you just ignored it. So now a perm banned cheater is dishing out bans to people l0l. How ironic. Oh, and even zigzag has voiced his frustrations with your inability to made necessary changes and hold adult conversations. Emilio: Dished out warning pts to everyone he had a problem with, ignoring xwis rules and procedures in the process. And what do ya know, he was the guy that found the cheat report on zigzag's cheating history to be "unproven" lolz. And Emilio has flamed you himself on the forums and voiced to people in the lobby that you are impossible to work with. Josh: The only admin who has been dedicated to helping the game in all aspects and never abused his little internet powers. You have ignored many of his ideas that were all shared by the rest of the community. He has also voiced his concerns that changes cannot be made because you stand in the way of them. How many other admins have left xwis because they couldn't stand your child-like retardation? Many. Your own staff talks shit behind your back, and the majority of players know you're a complete moron and a dick. I may be uncensored, but I always tell the truth In the last year or so YR has completely died on your server, TS has completely died on your server, and ra2 will follow soon enough because you're an idiot. Simple as that :rolf:
  9. Olaf (xwis admin) abuses his powers non stop and does not communicate or take what the rest of the "community" says under consideration, so it's time for that server to die. I've been one of the most active players in the last couple years and Olaf just unofficially (I did nothing against xwis rules) temporarily banned me for saying he has poor leadership qualities lol. Many other people feel the same way. Cncnet has a very good opportunity to take their player base if they play their cards right. if you guys on cncnet make sure you get a ladder for clans and tourny/quickmatch, and perhaps have a chat lobby, i can get much of the xwis player base to come to cncnet.
  10. Ports? No idea what you're talking about homie, but I'm not a computer genius. Although, I am a regular genius. On xwis, you just download ra2 and it works in a min. But you have to buy a serial for like $7-$8....or something around there. Does anyone know what the ladder system will be like? Team (clan) ladder would be a part of it? Are you guys going to market yourselves to people who play on servers like Game Ranger and QQ?
  11. That is very cool sir, very cool indeed. What is the expected activity base for ra2? when does ra2 get launched? :happybday:.
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