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  1. not sure if this is done to even out the teams but i try to put 4 AI in team B and me in A, 3 hard and one easy so i can take them over. every single time the easy player is on my team. WTH? i dont understand why this is happening at all. ive tried variations where i make a player my ally but it still wont let me set the easy player as enemy.
  2. i have the same trouble with old games. some older games arent compatible with interlacing. go to your graphic settings and set your frame rate (fps or refresh rate) to 60 htz. do not select one with (interlacing). this solved the "unable to set video mode" problem on windows vista and after but i have new problems now. hope yours works though.
  3. hi chaps, this is most likely a stupid oversight on my part but i cant fully remove a bridge in final alert2. originally i built 2 bridges over water but ultimately decided one would suffice, i removed the bridge and loaded the game. to my astonishment (and annoyance) ai tanks were flooding across the sea at me, it was most odd. is there a way to remove a bridge entirely and not just visually? thanks in advance.
  4. when i open a skirmish game, i click the change map button that takes me to the screen with a list of maps but instead of the two buttons at the side saying "random map" and "confirm" i have one button that says "random map" but actually confirms. this is quite odd, the two buttons seem to have merged. anyone know why this might be?
  5. i do remember having a lagging problem. that is now fixed but im not sure how i did it. have you tried setting your desktop icon size to 100%. i know that the game runs perfectly on win7 ultimate. most of the problems with this game are due to windows 7 settings.
  6. some problems I've come up against getting RA2 and YR to work on Win7. first problem was with the "unable to set video mode" i solved this by lowering my desktop resolution to 640 by 800, launching the game and changing resolution in game then changing desktop res back. second problem was the buttons in the menu didn't appear, this ended up being in windows as well. in the icon size settings. set your icon size to 100% and the buttons should return, this works for tib sun also. one problem I'm still having mind is the "create new game" button in mental omega (i know MO isn't yours but the problem may occur with the base game too) the "create new game" button is not even there, I'm thinking it may be that the "join game" button is laid over top maybe because the same thing happens in skirmish when the "create random map" button acts as an accept map button meaning i cant make random maps, just choose from the ready made list. im gonna keep at this but if you guys have already solved this problem would you let me know? thanks CnCNet
  7. bro this is easy to fix. you must first set your desktop resolution to 640 by 800 then launch the game, choose your resolution in game then close. you can now set your desktop res back. occasionally you may need to change your desktop res down when you get the error message.
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