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  1. I tried already....didn't help....
  2. Now I copied the complete RA1 folder from a working version to the other one and ran the update.exe The bug came once again. Then it said: No update available. And then it worked. Maybe it will make problems again, when a new update is available...
  3. didn't help.... on all other pc's it works.... the other buttons work!!
  4. Hi Guys, after installing the "Mini-Web-Installation" of RA1 I tried to start the CnCnet 5 Client and get this error: "Failed to extract the archive 'D:\.......\redalert1\cncnet5.7z' ErrorCode: 2. Please checkyour Antivirus/Firewall settings and close all programs that might access any of the files in the game folder!" Of course I disabled anti virus and firewall and ran the prog as admin....didn't work. I found nothing on google. any suggestions/solutions? Markus
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