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  1. It would be nice to know how many wins and losses that I have.
  2. I really hate this part of the game. It seems like it's GG if a game lasts too long as Soviets and your opponents gets a few BFs. In the end, this is unavoidable if you're playing on long lasting big maps like FFA on Sedona Pass, etc. I need to start playing allies since they simply have the best tech overall for these type of games. Or I'm thinking about playing Ra2 mode only from now on since YR is soo broken with Yuri and BFs etc.
  3. I hope it gets fixed soon for any newcomers, I was almost ready to give up hope on trying to play old C&C games with CnCNet. I know I would have considering I would have never thought a username could cause such a problem.
  4. I solved the issue by talking to someone on the client. He said my username (Relentless-Chaos) was too long and causes a bug. Thus resulting in my DC issues. I changed my username to something smaller in length and guess what, I did not DC.
  5. What errors occurred? That file shouldn't interfere with the client at all. Hmm, I'm not sure. I just tried again to double check and this time the client was fine, but the DC issue still exist when using the client for an online match. )= (EDIT): Although I just noticed that I can no longer launch YR from Origin with this file in the game directory. I get the error main executable has crashed. Without the file YR launches from Origin.
  6. Whatever that file is it did something bad to the client, with that file in the game directory it prevents me from launching the client and initiates a bunch of errors. Without it the client launches. As for enabling videobackbuffer, I did so, but the problem still persists. The game disconnects as soon as the game starts every time to which I can't even deploy my MCV. (Edit) So now I'm having the same issue with Ra95. I tried disabling Windows firewall, but still nothing.
  7. 8.1 and yeah, I play games online all the time. Playing Renegade X right now. If it matters, I am using The Ultimate Collection and I think I remember this kind of instant DC issue back in the day in regards to Ra2 / YR. My ping is 25ms.
  8. Yeah, I actually saw that and went ahead and downloaded the client, but over the past 30 minutes or so all my YR games have been disconnections. I can't get a single game going that's not full of lag or that doesn't disconnect right away at the start of the game. Any idea why?
  9. I'm new to CnCNet after a simple Google search on how to play old C&C games online, the CnCNet software as well as this website has an awesome UI. Aside from that though, I can't play any matches online with YR due to immediate disconnection at the start of any MP game. Any ideas as to what could be the issue? (Edited topic to a new discussion, second post or so might not make sense).
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