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    Regarding Commander

    Thanks for pointing this out and I’m left wondering why I didnt think of this earlier. Simple stats at the end of the match are cold hard proof. I didn’t say it out earlier, but there’s a mountain of circumstantial evidence pointing to Commander as the guilty party, because I wanted only solid undeniable evidence. Now with end-of-match stats matching, it’s out in the open. Commander is most likely the true culprit behind the intentional disconnecting. With players coming forth to either answer robskate’s question here or match end of game stats, it’s only a matter of time that this is confirmed. But while the ladder ban is now legit, I’ll still say that Commander should not be banned from playing regular games. The ladder dispute has nothing to do with non ladder games and preventing Commander from the latter is very unjust. Neither does it give a good impression of the limit of power given to the admins if I be bluntly honest. Commander - maybe you’d want to reply here with anything to refute all this because refusing to do so (there’s no sign that you’re banned from this website) is just a stronger indication of guilt. What more with further accusative uploads on YouTube while blocking robskate from defending himself, which is sort of an admission that you know the facts will incriminate you. I already can see where this is heading anyway, so it’s perhaps best to apologize and stop this from escalating any further. Everyone makes mistakes and CnCNet has given second if not third chances to people who committed serious offenses, so let’s move on and have great games. You’re one of the better, promising players who could give the pros serious competition and it’d be great to see you rise to the top.
  2. RC1985

    Regarding Commander

    I’ll reply this with my observations after some asking around, so what I say here is what I’ve gathered and inferred from what I’ve gathered and not anything subjective, arbitrary and borne out of personal sentiment. So that means I may something favorable or unfavorable about both parties. Firstly, the allegation that robskate deliberately disconnects games to avoid losing points is false. I’ve asked the regular players on ladder and none have ever reported anything of the sort, I’ve played a ton of games with him and there was no foul play. It’s the opposite for my case instead, I recall robskate removing a game that awarded points to him after a disconnect at the very start, I also mentioned this to Commander. Before Commander’s allegation there had been no complaints of robskate being an unethical ladder player. The closest thing to a ‘dispute’ would be my PM discussion with him after I wrote a blog post talking about the ladder’s flaws; he wasn’t too pleased about it at first but we had a good lengthy discussion on how to improve things. Nothing hostile or personal. I also had several players saying that Commander deliberately disconnects games when he’s losing and he does this when he’s playing as other usernames. However, there’s a burden of proof on this one. We can’t say for sure which username belongs to whom so mere accusations, no matter how many, aren’t sufficient to say guilty or not. This is something I’ve been talking about for a long time, there needs to be a concrete way to determine the owner of a username. I’m not technically sound in this area; the first I can think of is IPs and I don’t think that’s so private since everyone’s IPs are readily visible on cncnet if I’m not wrong. CncNet expert opinion on this is much appreciated. For this reason I think the right course of action is to remove the ladder ban on Commander unless sufficient proof is found. Commander also alleges that he’s been banned from cncnet itself and if this is true, I’ll suggest removing that since the ladder dispute is separate and distinct from playing non-ladder games on cncnet. Right now it’s important that both parties do not ban each other from any form of communication to prevent accusations of deliberate blocking or filtering of comments, and this will push both parties to come up with rebuttals until the silent one, aka the most likely guilty one is determined. Since we somehow become more civilized when we post on this website (and not on YouTube), then this page should be where it’s resolved. Robskate or the CncNet (this website) admins should make it clear that Commander will not be banned from posting any comments on this website, and so Commander cannot allege blocking of comments and will have to make his case here. If either party refuses to rebut here despite the assurance of no blocking, then it’s circumstantial evidence at least that that party is guilty.
  3. Obviously I can’t play if I can’t see what I’m pointing at so how do I fix this problem? Also, how do I modify the settings to enable the space bar as the hot key for Place Buildings?
  4. Just so if anyone is interested in a campaign speedrun - as you may already know, TS 'speedruns' are mostly lame glitchruns that abuse the alt+tab build glitch. Therefore since there were no legit TS speedruns I decided to do it. The GDI vanilla campaign is complete, here's the playlist. Some select vids from this playlist: - GDI final mission (Final Conflict) - GDI mission 9 (Destroy Vega's base) The Nod vanilla campaign is ongoing. Cheers
  5. RC1985

    Using Spacebar as a hotkey

    Thanks, it worked! I'm now happily speedrunning
  6. RC1985

    Using Spacebar as a hotkey

    Hi I've just started playing TS and I noticed that the spacebar brings up the options menu. There doesn't seem to be a way to map the spacebar to any other function. I use it to scroll right in RA and would like to continue doing so. Is there a way for it? I've got such a habit of pressing it but in TS it sometimes brings up the menu and it freezes there for a while before I get to return to the game.
  7. I haven't been playing in a while and have just done so a few days ago. I like how the ladder has improved by a mile ever since its first inception. I noticed there's more maps being added to the list which is great, though as I recall it seems like an overwhelming majority of them are limited ore maps, standards or small maps that have bases near each other (i.e. good for rushers). The bolded ones fit this category: - Path - Island Wars - KOTG - Shallow Grave - NXNW - Arena - p4 - Ribbon - HJK - V3 - Union Break - 4c These types of maps heavily favour tankers-cum-standards guys like myself and robs... and while I could just keep mum about it and happily rake in points, I'm more interested in a true challenge that comes about from a fair playing ground for all. As you can see, only 3 maps favour builders - arena, hjk and v3. I took a look at the match records of experienced builders like Katsh, Yuz, Lauta and they've stacked up huge losses. Having played many 1v1s with Ninja on various builder maps I know how dominant he is and if more builder maps were added we'd see a very different ladder ranking. Hopefully we could add larger maps that have longer distances between bases or maps with small entrances, complete with all gems or unlimited ore... builders flourish on these maps. Something like Rasta / X-Gems / GTK. I find Rasta and GTK exceptionally boring but I'm suggesting them for fairness' sake lol. IMHO this makes more sense than having NXNW in the mix because practically only 3 guys in the whole community know the exact NXNW builds for each spot (robs ehy and I). By contrast the majority of players are more familiar with unlimited ore/gem maps and could adapt to them more easily even if they'd never played the map before. Cheers, just my humble 2 cents and keep up the great work!
  8. Please do, I want to see what jacko and chem look like
  9. RC1985

    red alert tournament?

    You the real or fake ehy?
  10. RC1985

    AndrewFord is smashing my TD speedruns

    Unlike the many whom I've schooled, I don't lie about my matches and I admit it when I lose. If there are wins and losses, I don't only upload the wins to create the impression I'm better (something which AndrewFord is guilty of ), unless the wins far outnumber the losses. I just love how hard chem will grasp at straws to hit at me seriously, there's nothing special about smashing my runs. None of the runs have ever been optimized, all one has to do is observe my method in each mission and run it until a better time is produced or even better still, make improvements on the method. For the latter case I'm really glad that AndrewFord noticed an AI trend from my vid in GDI 14 and exploited it to make a world record.
  11. Hi, Just a heads up that AndrewFord is now smashing the speedruns I did on TD; I'm pleasantly surprised that there's at least another person who embarked on speedrunning, and a third RA player to try TD apart from ehy and myself. So far he's done 3 vids on GDI, I particularly like mission 2 where he captures the nod buildings at the start. This is what I like about healthy competition; new ideas and stategies are created His mission 2 vid: https://youtube.com/watch?v=aK0vSURV6Jc I also took a look at the single player map thread and saw that more missions (with good quality) have been created by more people. Seems like 2016 is going to be a good year for this game
  12. RC1985


    Lol robs
  13. RC1985

    Lordy caught cheating......

    Very interesting, I had my suspicions cos Lord improved very quickly and suddenly and he did admit to trying to cheat in the past though it didn't get through cos he couldn't get the cheats to load. Now he shifts every tank and q's them, that takes an entire load of skill which only the top guys have. Funky - pls verify the chat? Can the cheats come in .fmp form cos I dunno what this file format does lol.
  14. Haven't posted here in a while..was surprised to see Jacko rant about TD as it's a really great game responsible for our childhood memories but his points have strong ground. Balance - sorry if I come across as a gaming ignoramus but I guess imbalance is something to be expected in any game? This is based on the games I've played (from 1994-2001), yes I really am ignorant if games have been developed differently ever since, I don't recall any game in that period having good balance among factions/characters. Also, this is just my guess cos I don't know the inside story of TD development...seems to me like the creators probably didn't have a good grasp of multiplayer balance, they might not have tested multiplayer matches in depth and used 'apparent common sense' in deciding what to give to GDI and NOD. What I mean by this is maybe they just thought ok Nod will have smaller vehicles (which they thought are inferior, logically) and GDI would have bigger tanks, but Nod would have better defense structures and the opposite to GDI, then voila we have balance! (Then the players later realize that this doesn't create balance). In fact I read in an article somewhere that in the idea behind RA was to create distinctly different factions because the factions were 'almost the same' in TD, it sort of meant that the devs really thought their unit allocations were balanced. Chem - this part got me laughing hard. In fact seeing the word 'chem' in the lobby already makes me laugh! Chem and I have a very long history back to my nub days and when he was still Benocide, and like Jacko I used to hate him so much, but it got to a point where this turned into amusement and even a genuine positive feeling. Some people just have that comical effect...the more they insult and troll, the more you laugh and like them instead..that's how it is between us lol. We even talk about game-unrelated stuff via PM, the conversation starts when he tries to troll me of course