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  1. Funky - Sorry to double post. I was wondering if you could help me out on my scroll lag problem with RA2 and YR single campaign and skirmish mode. When scrolling it feels very slow and laggy like something is pulling me back. On online multiplayer though it works just fine. I posted the issue here but till now, no answers that work yet (I've already fixed the full screen issue): https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9627-how-to-play-full-screen-in-campaign-mode/
  2. Ok I understand the concept of the game limit and game crash but if my units die out and the AI doesn't produce the same type of units then shouldn't I be able to continue producing? With human players for example once the vehicles limited is reached you can start building again after some of the enemy's vehicles die, but in me vs AI only I get hit by a limit while the AI keeps producing.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently started playing some skirmishes again and tried vs 7 AIs on an unlimited ore map. A few minutes into the game I'm unable to build more infantry, then after say 15 minutes I can't build any more tanks. Funny thing is the AI can still keep producing all sorts of units so I'm left wondering if there's some sort of error here. Can someone help? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I tried the patches from this website, I think it's the one you mentioned: http://www.stuffhost.de/files/cnc/ EDIT: I realised that the scroll lag in online multiplayer is caused by my recording software. However in single player campaign and skimirsh, even without recording turned on, the scroll is laggy, even after the patch.
  5. In cnc-ddraw.ini, it already has "adjmouse=false" by default...
  6. I mean the scroll lag not the scroll rate. When I move the cursor it's feels sluggish and not sharp, like something is pulling it back
  7. Omg this worked! I mean changing the cnc-ddraw.ini method. Thanks fireworks and cmdr for the suggestions, I'm keeping them as backup plans. dkeeton: Do I still need to use the new ddraw version you showed? Also I noticed a few things: 1. The game speed can't be changed for campaign mode? 2. There's a lot of scroll lag, in TS this can be changed with an ini file with an option 'scrolldelay' or something. How do I fix this in RA2? 3. The placebuilding hotkey, is it 'PlaceBuilding' in keyboard.ini like in TS?
  8. Thanks Cmdr and dkeeton for your suggestions and I'm really sorry this came late, I was out of town so I couldn't test it out. Cmdr - I appreciate your encouragement too and it's surely my plan to smash RA2 once I get this damn problem sorted out heh. I haven't downloaded the stuff that Cmdr suggested yet, will do soon, in the meantime I'll answer dkeeton first that yes, I've checked many times that compatibility is completely disabled for all 4 executables, game.exe and gamemd.exe included. I also observed something new: after completely uninstalling everything (with not a single file left) and reinstalling, merely copying and pasting the [Video] settings which dkeeton said does not produce black bars, does not remove the black bars when the game is run. The black bars only go away when I run the CncNet client and select TS-DDRAW, but doing that removes the sound from the game. What I'm saying is, changes to the game renderer can only be done by running CncNet instead of modifying the .ini files. Might this be a clue to solving the problem somehow?
  9. It's ra2.ini. And yup these are my settings in full screen, however, this is on the third attempt. To refresh, the first attempt was on TS-DDRAW - black bars with sound, 2nd attempt - CNC DRAW (black bars, no sound) and then back to TS-DDRAW (full screen, no sound). So with these settings I get full screen and no sound.
  10. Does the file come with the cncnet installer? Because upon installing CncNet the file is already ddraw.dll
  11. On top of the previous post I'll further add that after trying out different resolutions, only 1920 x 1080 would occupy the full screen. All other resolutions still had those two black bars on the left and right. And after a second round of testing, I got the same result: black bars with sound when first using TS-DDRAW, then black bars with no sound when switched to CNC-DDRAW, then full screen with no sound when switched back to TS-DDRAW. Please can someone help me this is really frustrating. This problem is only in the campaign mode, on cncnet it works perfectly fine.
  12. That solution asks to configure speakers to use stereo, which my configuration is already using. I suspect it has something to do with the renderer settings than speakers though since I can get sound if I run the game the normal way (without the renderer/compatibility modifications you suggested).
  13. I only tried RA2 so far so those scenarios I mentioned are for RA2. After going TS, CNC then back to TS I get it fullscreen but I have no sound. How do I get the sound back?
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