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  1. worked perfectly!!!.... thanks you so much for the help funky now if you excuse me...... i have some past to remember
  2. i see i see..... well im from Bolivia so we dont have a good internet connection... the download is taking about 1 hour and 10 mins or so ..... that might be the problem... i will try the alternative way you say and will let you know as soon as i finish thanks you a lot!
  3. yeah sure, let me try and will let you know ...... ok... mini web install its working like a charm... is there any way i can add the singleplayer missions to this installation?
  4. hello there... no security programs installed yet.... im sure it is stuck since i give it 1 hour to sit down en every attemp i did (3 install attemps) no error poped it just shows like it is working but it never finish
  5. hello people.... i cant tell how happy im to be able to play my fav games once again so far ive downloaded tiberian dawn, dune and TS.... but im having problems installing RA1 for 3th time it stucks in extracting files
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