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  1. Can someone recommend me a game that is considered to be a spiritual successor to Emperor Battle for dune
  2. Sl33p3r

    c&c 95

    Thanks a lot the singleplayer is now working i hope the multiplayer won't have this problem at random times .
  3. Sl33p3r

    c&c 95

    No, as soon as the map starts loading it crashes it doesn't even get to the point where it displays yellow and red territories .
  4. Sl33p3r

    c&c 95

    Hi guys i just installed C&C95 and am having problems . Every time i finish a mission in singleplayer when i get to chose the next country to go to the game just crashes . It just gives the standard error message 'C&C95.exe is not responding ' and i have to exit . I also get this crash problem when i play Covert Operations or multiplayer but in this two that crash happens randomly not just when i complete a mission . Any help would be appreciated .I'm running it on Windows 7 32 bit .
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