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  1. Hi all, Just thought I’d put it out there to the PRO’s regarding BO’s with the evolution of the game as the TS we know and “love” now is so different to the one we knew and “loved” before. Does the enhancements/Vet maps make a difference to your BO’s? I saw someone discussing it the other night and as I haven’t played as often in the last few years or competitively to have a valued opinion on the matter. I also don’t recall seeing a post on here clarifying it either? Most games nowadays are won & lose on marginal differences which will benefit either side. So I wonder if anyone builds differently now compared to what a typical “BO” would be in the past? I was thinking more around the traditional 1 ref’s 2 refs BO’s as opposed to the more common I see atm which is 3 refs. Thoughts?
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