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    Mod community.

    read none of that. TRZ doesnt realize, the nature of his responses only reveal about himself, and not the one he is responding to. and usually, people only respond like this.. wellll To be a troll on comments sections, in the effort to annoy, which reveals you to be a jerk. Realizing that the comment in which it is responding to is correct, but has too much pride to admit he is wrong, and a jerk. Ending up adding to the reasons why he is a jerk. and well... thats it really, either way, point proven. In the end, its better to do what we did back in westwood, play with randoms expecting tons of dud games, idiotic rambling arguments. With the aim to find good players, friendly players, to befriend, and to play amongst in a sort of clan. People who argue over mod maps, super speed mod maps, and regular maps, in such a way that it brings up tons of insults, bad mouthing, and a ton of other idiocy. Congratulations, You're probably the reason EA and other publishers think that the RTS genra is a dead market. Uninstall your life.
  2. Zender

    Mod community.

    heres the deal i didnt read all of phenoms dribble. but same goes for me sorta. started on ww for lil while then went to mods, then back to ww. ill own ur ass on any mod dont care what it is basically. ww maps make u a better player. get off ur damn mods ^ lol Apologies, i was treating the quotes like they work on steam =p To respond to this guy Playing against tough players, makes me a better player. Not the map. end of response. Edit: Ahem sorry i couldnt resist lol You see, you challenge us to a 1v1, problem is, we aren't claiming to be legendary, we havnt played this game since the westwood days, and slightly after westwood changed to some... random thing i dont remmember. Back then, i actually scaled up the ranks and played like a freaking beast, i even recodnize names today and wonder to myself "did i ever face this guy?" or "i know that name... hmm" you know, i bet alot of ranked players do. But then in the next minute, i'd be playing a game in a mod map, and lose in seconds because i made a derp move, so to be perfectly honest, in high skill games, mod maps are far harder to survive on, than regular, Hands down. That tiny entrance? you act as if you can kick my ass now, and the thing is, that supports what i just said, because you would, im not playing mod maps because im too scared to play regulars, because i've been there, done that, i play mod maps because against oponents like you, they are the more intense, tougher challenge. to prevent early game derps, you needed to block that entrance FAST, at the same time, you needed sam sites to prevent even one jump jet from breaking through. In an exploit free game, you need to be able to prevent a banshee or any aircraft from scout derping from the rear, top of the map, allsorts of stuff. You need to scout the map 100% to make damn sure no random base is hidden in the middle of no where, preparing an emp to wallop your front door. You need to build a fortified base to prevent a rush, almost right off the bat. You can die to two freaking titans within the first 30 seconds if you arent careful. surviving the first 5 minutes of a mod map is no easy task against a tough oponent, so i dont wanna hear anyone's mindless Dribble about how a regular map makes you better. Your oponent, is your tool to learn, it begins, and ends, with your oponent. The more adaptable your oponent is, the better he'll be on a random map, the more adaptable you in turn will become, new strategies are learned with every defeat, a defense, and an offense. Calling Phenomena's response dribble, when you were the ruder of the two, was a major derp move on your part. Stow it.
  3. Zender

    Mod community.

    My explanation was actually to help you understand >.> That one small tiny entrance isnt exactly the only way to launch an attack like my stories from the past showed =p Besides, battleday is just one map out of many. Grays 3v3 for example, its a very thin wall, walking in through the frontdoor without fighting is suicide, shoot over it, hop over it or under it with aircraft and sub's, scout your enemy, know your enemy, poke holes, breach, and kill. ^ its this that i most enjoy, not only this, but mostly. Regular maps dont reach this state very often, because it's very focused on short games, and not very team friendly, working as one, or just having an ally nearby, are two different forms of gameplay =p
  4. Zender

    Mod community.

    Download any of the maps you like from amokks list, open the file with a notepad and copy paste this at the very bottom: [RedEye2] Damage=99 ROF=70 Range=17 Speed=60 This change will make your SAM sites ridiculously strong and render any air attack at your base a waste of resources. You can also always open the rules.ini in your cncnet folder (might just say rules depending on your OS) and see what other changes you'd like to make. Just make sure to change the name of the map. ( ctrl+f - search for name= ) But honestly, all the issues you listed can be solved by playing the game the way it's developed to be played, as in original maps. Then the variety of skills and tactics actually matter. What do you expect when you take core elements like money and power management, map control and angles of attack. (most mod maps have one tiny entrence) Don't get me wrong, everyone should play the game as it's fun for them but you're clearly not having fun and try your hardest to work around it. You've basically brought up all the issues the ww community had with the style of playing in mod maps while trying your hardest not to learn something new. I know it can be hard for new players to learn ww maps. (especially when they've played the game for 10 years and suddenly have to admit they don't know anything about its basics or core dynamics) You're basically playing on a chess board with chess pieces but decided that all pieces can move only 1 square in any direction, except for the queen who can teleport whereever she wants to. Then you blame the queen for being overpowered and lack of interactivity of the other pieces, while angrily looking at the regular chess community that's acting all elitist for playing with their "oh so much better rules". How dare they pretend their variety is any better when you've already learned the queen is way overpowered in your 10 years experience. Now you're trying to implement new rules as you've discovered the flaws in your ruleset. Maybe the queen can't teleport over a pawn that didn't move yet. Fine, but all you're really doing is making a new game really. This is called modding. You could just delete money alltogether and create a map that automatically spawns units for each player in a certain interval and manage to make it fun, hey I'd join you for some games on that map. ppmsite.com can help you on your way to doing this or you can just learn it yourself by reading the rules.ini and playing around with the final sun editor. But don't get mad at me for pointing out that chess was fine all along. Sorry to waste your essay, but we do have fun >.> this post is talking about how the community has gotten, not about our personal expereance, considering the fact i have good stories to tell, that even included me bieng defeated, shows that the mod maps are just as fun as the regular. I do agree that the balance is there, but to reach the state of the game we enjoy in regular maps, is almost impossible. you'd need to be within a small range of skill local to your oponent, allowing for a stalemate, to allow the scale to become large enough to actually make ground combat relevent lol.
  5. Zender

    Mod community.

    Tbh Phenomena, i've got no issue with you, but.. alot of what you say is closed minded and just wrong. You think that the map battleday is unfair to nod and gdi? Let me just run through some of the battles i have had. Firstly, an oponent i learned from, in regular gameplay, and in mod gameplay, both superspeed, and regular battleday. During the battle day 1v1, my first tactic is to rush Jump jets, as they flew over he had a nice army of rocket soldiers to prevent my scouting him, job done. So i could not reveal his base, the problem i had then, was preventing his counter scouts, there are a fair few tactics you can use on battleday, but the ground war is direct or not at all, yes, limiting strategy, but focusing more on direct strategy much like what you'd see in a total war game. This means you need to protect your assets so that you can use them effectively. So, my oponent, who was obviously better than me back then, had sent some artillery to my front door, you know how this ends, so this initiated combat. as my titans engaged his artillery, it remained to be seen who would win, But, his tactic was one i used towards the end of westwood, and the guys who took over, which was to bait them into action, now that he is on the offensive with artillery, using a forward base, it was essentially check. unlike what i'd do now, by sending a mix of bombers and titans, i sent everything, and this meant he could sneak through with stealth tanks, breaking through the front door, and scouting me, following that, 5 APC's appeared, and since GDI is known for its offensive capabilities, and i had already taken the bait and used my emp, his 5 apc's contained enough to level my base, caught between a cyborg commando / cyborg assualt, and artilleries, i had literally been pincered, and my base was left in ruin. Alternatively, as GDI you can scout using jump jets to get rear assualts to use carry alls, by this i mean the tib fields, i have been able to end my fair share of games with this strategy, there are counter moves to counter moves, more so on direct combat maps, than open warfare maps that it may aswell be an open radar from the start with how easy it is to scout. In direct combat, Anti air becomes less of an issue, because you can deal with scouting. GDI, it's balanced simply because of the firewall, but you'll still spend most of the game bieng bombarded, because anti air with them during the scout phase might aswell's not exist lol and a single jump jet can have you which is most likely going to happen in a team game. Following that, nod has stealth, and plenty of options for early anti scouting, such as rocket troopers, stealth even if they get scouted, and much more. Tell me, how many times have you ended a battle with an army of 40+ tick tanks, artillery, titans, stealth tanks? strategies that doesnt even enter the heads of regular skilled players, because they assume mod map players just suck. Its two seperate games, that is why i talk about them as two seperate communities. I find it a disgrace that basically half of the game has been completely torn to shredds because of this narrow minded mentality. when a game lasts, in any map, it gets fun. really fun, strategies end up outside of the box, on waterworld, on grays 3v3, battleday, terraces, forestfires. The mod maps encourage long lasting games, which makes the strategies more fun, more creative. So to be perfectly frank, to be truly good at this game, i'd reckon you need to be good at any of the decent maps. As for your scenario of 8 nod players, that barely ever happens, we arent talking about 8 new players who arent going to do anything. We are talking about what would happen if 8 good players got on the field. The map layouts encourage teamplay more than any other, one person with a forward base, 3 on the offensive, you know, that kind of stuff. GDI making use of bombers to reduce enemies assets, so that the ground force can move in, nod using a mix of tick tanks and artillery to create forward bases to bombard at long range. Sam sites, are barely any use in this map so stealth becomes their primary defense, aswell as plenty of sams, and defenses, i often feel like nod are a bit overpowered at times, because i only used to see disadvantages with gdi, such as two components for sam sites, no stealth, but now, its simple, probably because im more mature and can see it clearly, they have superior scouting capabilities, the firewall, and titans can act in offense and defense really, really well. If you get a forward base, EMP play becomes a thing, baiting emp's, using devils tongues, and sub apc's Carry alls, disrupters in large scale. commando strategemes. Honestly, its the regular games that i find are much more limited, because they are so much smaller scaled, and force you into a strategy rather than allowing for creative freedom. Carry all or gtfo =p Commando or gtfo >.> kill vital structures ASAP rushrushrush, or gtfo lol.. Im sorry but, like i said, if a game lasts it allows for creative freedom, but how good do you need to be for that? And how often is a stalemate? One sided games are not fun. Win or lose.
  6. Zender

    Mod community.

    Pleasantly surprised that there wasn't any rage lol. The map we are after, is kind of what would be seen as a cheat map, but tbh, the main reason we like it is purely because of the sam sites like originally stated. oddly enough we tend to find the battles are much more fun when you aren't at constant risk of 3 carry alls walking all over your base lol, Not that we avoided that gameplay either, it just depended on our mood at the time =p The map is called Grays 3v3 super speed red tib, one defining trait was that most of it was in capitals, and felt like a kid had titled it as a result lol. it allows units to be built up to 99, alot of money, and sam sites that could actually kill when they hit a target. the money isnt so much a big deal to us, and the units tend to just be more of a convenience to allow for more focus on combat strategy, its the sam sites i think that's the more important. it kind of allows alot more fun with map scout management, the subterrain war, ground war, and even makes you get more creative with bombers, focusing on enemy assets rather than just trying to hurry and end the game as fast as possible, the moment you can defeat their army, you can get through their front door and cause some damage. then the rest of the game you can bomb them until you have a second army ready, or whatever strategy you choose =p
  7. Here's a little story, back when i used to play back during the westwood days, there was two communities, those who play the regular maps, and those who played the mod maps. there is a ton of animosity between the two, well, its actually rather one sided, the elitists who play regular maps absolutely resent those who play mod maps, so much so, that it seems to have been bullied out of the game, completely. Now by mod maps, im not talking about battle day, though really fun. Im talking about maps like grays 3v3 super speed red tib, a map me and my friend are searching for, but it seems to have just stopped existing, what used to be great fun about this map, and others like it, was the intense scale, and tactical element compared to the regular game. The mod community had its fair shares of pro's within these maps, despite the fact they would all, indiscriminatly be called noobs by the elitist regular community. Not every player in the regulars were like this mind you, but enough. so, now, the mod community pretty much does not exist, having been bullied no doubt, and the issue i take with this, is that.. it was an incredibly part of the game, i played my fair share of both regular, and mod, and tbh, i prefered the mod games just because of the large scale. one love of mine, was that sam sites actually worked like they do in any other game ever. you know, they killed things? >.> i literally had a game, were i killed a poor guy who had 50, i do not kid, but 50 sam sites, with 20 bombers. the game had gone on for a fair amount of time, and since i havnt played for ages, i wasnt playing well, and they was fairly new too. which meant the scale got pretty big. But so many sam sites, rendered utterly useless. stealth only works so much, some people argue engineers and firewall, but... this just.. well what's the point in sam sites then? During the super speed mod game, it became more about just rushing your enemy, though this happened if you slipped up too, it became even more important to scout, if you didnt protect your base from scouts, you could end up with a massive army right up your poop deck lol. i had some incredible battles, with multi layoured strategemes unlike what you see in regular battles. what i find absolutely distateful, is that me and my friend are trying to re-learn the game, and we have had not a single game of the mod veriaty, and 10 times more grief from players who are a part of the regular, why? because appearantly exploiting is okay, and because we used some of the rules from the old school westwood days. This exploit, had an orca bomber, hop up and down buildings, using the few sam sites deployed as an anti scout defense, to destroy those buildings. Sam sites, shooting their own ground buildings. Idc what the popular belief is, THIS is not intended design, this is an exploit wether you like it or not, and i was actually not fussed when it happened, i simply stated that it did, and the entire other team exploded into a rage, it was absolutely hillarious. im not kidding either, the rest of the game was filled with what can only be described as virtual bullying lol. Kind of person i am, i relished it, but, there we go. i will not keep up to date with responses, i will not read any responses, Not because of anything other than i really wont be checking this forum again, for any other reason. i imagine this'll cause a ton of people to explode in rage, half because its a block of text, half because of what's in the text =p i think its an absolute disgrace that the community acts this way. too closed minded to realize, the mod maps can actually be fun too. So closed minded that they actually fling mindless insults towards anyone who thinks this. lol, i actually thought about making a post asking if anyone had, or knows where we could get the map we are missing, but holy crap, that would cause an explosive argument of epic proportions itself.
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