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  1. Do forum posts in the General Discussion section have to be related to Command & Conquer or can they be completely unrelated? I ask this because I was thinking of sharing some true stories that have happened to me that aren't Command & Conquer related.
  2. Theater: Temperate Dimensions: 62x62 Difficulty: Medium? Two missions, one for GDI, one for Nod, and a multiplayer map is included. A one-on-one skirmish against the CPU. A big and spacious map resembling Tiberium Gardens with lots of tiberium to harvest. No briefing. Just build a base and destroy the CPU's base. You start out with only an MCV and $10000. The CPU starts out with $10000, a small base, and proceeds to build a bigger base while attacking you with infantry, units, helicopters, and engineers. RemoveBuildExceptions is enabled in the Nod mission so you can build helipads and APCs. Sometimes the infantry teams get stuck at waypoints. Tiberium_Fields_Skirmish.zip
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