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  1. I see. Thanks for the tips. I'll try it out and see. Sorry, i'm a little bit of a newbie. I downloaded Wineskin winery and the latest engine. When I create the wrapper I assume the main executable is RA95Launcher.exe ? Then when I click play online it tells me to download Winetricks dotnet20. When I go to the page, I'm unsure which one to download. When I do click on the dotnetfx.exe to download, it asks me to login with a password through a porting center? I'm stuck at this point :-) Thanks for your tips and help!
  2. We don't build migs anymore but the game still crashes 2 out of 3 times. Although these times the ra95crash.dmp isn't automatically generated. Is there a setting to get it generated?
  3. I'm really impressed with how quickly you responded FunkyFr3sh! Interesting, note about the air units. When I was playing I had 2 migs that had recently landed after attacking a tank that was in my base. I was in the process of building a tesla coil when the game actually crashed. I usually only have 2 to 5 migs total. Do you have a suggestion on what I can use to record the games on a mac?
  4. Here's the crash dump I found after I got the error. ra95crash.dmp
  5. Hi Everyone, New here and just rediscovered the love of playing RA1. My goal was to teach my dad how to play using his new computer. He still boots up his old windows 3.1 to play skirmish everyday for the last 10 years. However, every time I play with a friend we constantly get "Program ra95-spawn.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close". This tends to happen 2 out of the 3 times we play online for one of us. So it crashes quite often. We are both on Macs and use Wineskin that we download. Any help here please?
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