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  1. There's a config program!?

    Oh wait... You mean the lovely long list of what went wrong, hehehe

    Is there a way of truncating things or such? it's rather long... No matter I'll just save it into notepad and attach it as a text file.


    Also the save files loading might be something wrong with my hard disk actually...

    During the Win 10 installation for unknown reasons a sector somewhere got corrupted or something bad and even though things have pretty much gone back to normal just to screw me over my read speeds are still strangely random everynow and then...

    So maybe it's that which is causing that issue... Though obviously I can live it so it's not that much of a big deal.


  2. Hey guys, everytime I launch tib sun through the patch shortcut and go to the settings I get this annoying Unhandled Exception error with a lovely long list of what exactly has gone wrong... which also gives me the option to continue or quit.

    If I continue to the settings and apply the settings I do want and then click apply or ok I get the same error.

    I know the settings have taken effect though cause the resolution is at the one I want it and the graphics patch is enabled and all but for some reason whenever my desktop wallpaper changes (it changes every 2 minutes If I remember right) it flickers right through the game for a second and then fades back to the game...

    Also if I hit the start button in game I've pretty much doomed myself cause even if I try to alt tab myself back to the game all I'll get will be my desktop with the invisible game on top of it with my mouse moving over my units and ever issuing orders but without me being able to see any of it!

    The funny thing with this, is that it worked sometime ago even with windows 10... and then it just stopped... I have no clue why...

    I've tried with origin-ingame disabled as well and the results are pretty much the same...

    Not to mention how horrendously long it now takes to load a stupid save!!

    With Windows 7 it might have taken a literal second and now I can dunk an entire oreo and finish it off and it still would be loading!

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