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  1. I guess what I wrote came out wrong. What I was more referring to was that GPL is copyleft and maybe a bit too strict? The project might see more mods if they don't have to by default share their code and assets. Permissive licenses like MIT, BSD or Apache might suit the project better, but it's not my place to decide. I understand that you guys want to try and emulate OpenRA's GitHub "success" (?), but think of the children! I was hoping to see the engine ported to Apple's App Store so it could be played on an iPad. I have fond memories playing the original RA + Retaliation on my old PSP via the built-in PS1 emulator. The problem is that Apple's App Store license model doesn't allow GPL'ed code. Not sure about Google Play, though.
  2. Won't the GPL license deter modding in general?
  3. Are you guys going to release any RedAlert++ related Christmas gifts this year? Oh and by the way, I don't mean to rush this project, but the original game was released in 1996 and yours still isn't done. /s
  4. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. I'm sure many would like to see what you've conjured up to date. Could you show us a sneak preview on GitHub? We promise not to laugh, not too much anyway EDIT: Also, what license will you be using? MIT, GPL, Apache?
  5. Could we get a little more information on what's the status of this project? What's currently working? Pathfinding, AI state machine, is the campaign playable, etc? When can we expect a first public preview? This year, next year, when Red Alert 4 comes out? Sorry, I'm a little too excited
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