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  1. Please, remind me of that stupid button.
  2. Hi, it looks like the single most used tactic to win is for Soviet players to just build into the enemy base with Tesla coils and I haven't found a way to really counter that as an Allies player. Gun turrets got less range and destructive power than Tesla coils. Artillery got not enough reach either. Helicopters or MiGs can take out single Tesla towers but not stop a Tesla spam. Cruiser ships may work but only if you pay attention all the time and the map geography has to be favorable for you - like lake near your base and lfew small access paths to your base. I think the game is now seriously imbalanced in favor of the Soviets, and most people play Soviets all the time therefore. This could be changed by giving artillery turrets or mobile artillery more reach, maybe.
  3. Update - Menawhile the issue has been solved by making a small change to the map. It works now.
  4. Maybe it has sth. to do with my self-made map? The map's name is Alsfeld12a ....
  5. Thank you for your kind reply. Uhhmmm ... OK. When it does work and power runs low, and I build a new power plant, it always comes back to work alright. The issue is really with games where it does not work at all right from the start - i.e. the black shadow does not show up on the radar. Would that also be the case if a spy had entered my radar?
  6. Hello, This is a bug report. The Shadow Generator (is that the English name? Or is it Paradox Device?) Tower of the Allies is sometimes not working in multiplayer games. You know the tower with the spinning fork on top which creates a shadow so the enemy cannot see into your base. Sometimes it does work, sometimes not. And when it does not work, it won't work for the whole duration of the game. A fix would be greatly appreciated. Fun fact - Though it doesn't work for me at times, the enemy apparently is able to build working towers in the same game where my own towers don't work.
  7. Hello, I just created a new map, and all the flags are in the upper left corner. How can I move them to other places? Clicking and dragging them does not work. Copying and pastign them does not work. i can see no flag button in the standard (original) editor, and neither in the new editor. Please help me out. Best regards, ... PS - I just edited the map file with Windows Editor ... but is there an easier way?
  8. Hello, is there a step by step guide on how to upload new maps into the website for playing them online with people around the world? I know very well how to create maps with the editor and I have designed lots of maps before, so I need no advice regarding the creation of maps, I just don't know how to upload them. Thank you very much.
  9. You can check the file for yourself with www.virustotal.com and see the report there. I downloaded the latest version before I posted this thread. And yes, it is RA95.exe ... not cnc95.exe -- i.e. it is the Red Alert 1 exe file.
  10. Hi! My antivirus program popped up once I tried to start the online game. It deleted the cnc95.exe file. Said it was some virus. I installed the game again in order to obtain the deleted file again, and submitted it to the online virus check of www.virustotal.com. And there again, I got one positive result. Though most antivirus sites do not seem to recognize it as malicious. So what now? Is it malware?
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