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  1. For the next time I'll turn back to cncnet, how I can broadcast live the game? Thanks!
  2. Forgive me, but your comment makes no sense. The leaderboard is that predisposes the original table of positions of the different players. I mean that neither you nor funky, nor I, or whoever can define who is in that position. You understand me? I made this comment on the fact that I've seen some bad and false lists made by some kids. Anyway, would be great to put back into operation of this! Good luck and have a good day
  3. I think it should be working and see the new best players at 1v1 2016 in RA1 :heady: Cheers
  4. I remember Brazilian server was a real crap. But we could make a server of any country in South America.. Some latin players need that. Im referring to, some south american players can win the Gold Medal challenge but with the USA or another server, you can't do anything. If we speak about p2p it works less and less than a tunneled game :picsnow: :picsnow: :sethisdeath:
  5. Hi, I couldn't join in the chat. Also, I login with my real account and still cannot joined. What's the mistake? I confirm the channel #cncnet - Username Vardoc-IRC It says [14:10] -Global- ---------- END OF MESSAGE(S) OF THE DAY ---------- [14:10] == [email protected] is now your hidden host [14:10] == Usermode change: +x [14:10] == #cncnet Cannot join channel (+b) Thanksss :laugh: :whenitsdone:
  6. Sorry for annoying but it seems like this can't be post or something like that. Btw, my question is: How long Ill stay with the ban for impersonate the bot? My ban is taking 31 days of ban.. thanks anyway for the help
  7. Vardoc1

    Some answer?

    Hello, I've been asking, posting here and on IRC Chat[shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300] how long does take my ban?[/glow][/shadow] and didn't take some answer. What I have done for anyone answer me?, Why treat them like crap people who get the ban? I've never impersonated anyone and forbid me to play and chat. Please, answer this. :down:
  8. Funny to see blaming me again for "impersonate the other players". I haven't used any name of any player. It's funny cause that always point and blame me. I recognize that use the name of the bot. Just wanted to make a little fun the damn chat. But at no time I sent a message to anyone. I apologize
  9. I agree with Rosssi. He did not write the rules of CNCNet. But things are so, not only said "Say again my name" but referred to stop impersonate his name.
  10. Hi, I have been banned 3 days ago by FunkyFr3sh or Ferret. I have no idea, because when I entered that day, appeared the notice of the ban.
  11. Hi Nyerguds! Thanks for answer me. Whatever it is, I'm almost 1 week banned without reason. I had nothing to do with "Hider" has been falsifying the names of some players. Please, I need be unlocked.
  12. Back here again, but only to complain because they got no response from the previous posting. I got a ban for allegedly "I used the name of an administrator and doing bullshit", which at no time used his name. With respect, I need to be unlocked for some reason I did nothing . (20) [12:09 AM] <cousintoxic> !seen [Jayman-TA] (20) [12:09 AM] <CnCNet5_Bot> [Jayman-TA] was here 26days, 1hours, 50minutes, 10seconds ago... (20) [12:09 AM] <Sputnik> O.o (20) [12:09 AM] <[At0m1-TA]> nobody can beat me 1v1 (20) [12:09 AM] <[At0m1-TA]> nubs (20) [12:09 AM] <[At0m1-TA]> xD (20) [12:09 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> _dany: it depends how many maps u wanna play vs me (20) [12:09 AM] <[AFO]THNDER> wat map atomi (20) [12:10 AM] <Humble> !seen phatmouse (20) [12:10 AM] <CnCNet5_Bot> phatmouse was here 20minutes, 9seconds ago... (20) [12:11 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> hehe atomi (20) [12:11 AM] <[GA]Kroisos> ride no when he is not online hehe (20) [12:11 AM] <[GA]Kroisos> i bet many wants to try (20) [12:11 AM] <[]SteeL> fake at0m again (20) [12:12 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> yep (20) [12:12 AM] <[]SteeL> cause he knows on path i pwn him 1v1 (20) [12:12 AM] <[]SteeL> evil laugh (20) [12:12 AM] <[GA]Kroisos> hohoho (20) [12:13 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> haha (20) [12:13 AM] <l0cri4n> /Ping google.com ( - Time: 17ms 20ms 16ms 16ms (20) [12:13 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> who is best on path? (20) [12:13 AM] <ORA-boy> hi guys (20) [12:13 AM] <Holland> chili plays so goo (20) [12:14 AM] <xrodent> !seem elizabetth (20) [12:14 AM] <xrodent> !seen elizabeth (20) [12:14 AM] <CnCNet5_Bot> elizabeth was here 1minutes, 52seconds ago... (20) [12:14 AM] <[Lucky]> gg (20) [12:14 AM] <Rasputin> ffs just ban (20) [12:14 AM] <{H8}Doc> gg (20) [12:15 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> !seen bart (20) [12:15 AM] <CnCNet5_Bot> bart was here 1hours, 14minutes, 5seconds ago... (20) [12:15 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> !seen ora-break_ (20) [12:15 AM] <CnCNet5_Bot> ora-break was here 10hours, 28minutes, 30seconds ago... (20) [12:15 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> ORA-AndrewF (20) [12:15 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> hello (20) [12:15 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> top 5 path players you have faced? (20) [12:16 AM] <CnCNet5_Bot> Over 2000 gaming related chat channels, GameSurge has you covered http://gamesurge.net (20) [12:16 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> robs, vas, mafia, pth, rc. (20) [12:16 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> i havent vs'd ehy or atomi or every good path player so it isnt a fair list imo (20) [12:17 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> atomi doesnt play path (20) [12:17 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> or 1v1 against super pros (20) [12:17 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> top 5 players youve faced 1v1? (20) [12:17 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> he used to though (20) [12:17 AM] * {H8}Doc has formed a new game (Red Alert 1) (20) [12:18 AM] <Stonerrrr> join hot babes (20) [12:18 AM] <Stonerrrr> 3 vs 3 (20) [12:18 AM] <[]SteeL> stop with the fake names vard (20) [12:18 AM] <[]SteeL> youre an idiot (20) [12:18 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> lol (20) [12:18 AM] <{H8}Doc> for me it was bart, asmod, RC, Samuria, and LordyMaNn (20) [12:18 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> top 5 qers ORA-AndrewF? (20) [12:19 AM] <[]SteeL> top 5 que3rs (20) [12:19 AM] <[]Slipped> didn't see, chinook? (20) [12:19 AM] <[]SteeL> vard x5 (20) [12:19 AM] <RustyTank> Dany #1 tesla walker (20) [12:19 AM] <_dany> gg (20) [12:19 AM] <{H8}Doc> yes (20) [12:19 AM] <{H8}Doc> _dany (20) [12:19 AM] <_dany> ty (20) [12:19 AM] <{H8}Bjrn> ora-niels and _dany (20) [12:19 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> _dany cheats (20) [12:19 AM] <_dany> ty (20) [12:19 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> dont play with him (20) [12:19 AM] <_dany> only way (20) [12:19 AM] <_dany> (20) [12:19 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> see he admits (20) [12:19 AM] <_dany> crap full (20) [12:19 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> "only way" (20) [12:20 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> cheat (20) [12:20 AM] <_dany> ofc (20) [12:20 AM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Vardoc (20) [12:20 AM] <ORA-AndrewF> top 5 q, me, andrewford, myself, I, and god (20) [12:20 AM] <Rosssi|MAN|> you have 2 seconds too change your name (20) [12:20 AM] <Rosssi|MAN|> Or I will remove you from the chat. Stop using peoples names (20) [12:20 AM] <_dany> haha (20) [12:20 AM] <_dany> Vardoc =) (20) [12:20 AM] <_dany> listen (20) [12:20 AM] <[AFO]THNDR> eat a dick rosssi (20) [12:20 AM] <_dany> there ya go (20) [12:21 AM] <_dany> thats a 6 months ban (20) [12:21 AM] <[GA]Kroisos> cocky andrew shame on u (20) [12:21 AM] * Humble has formed a new game (Tiberian Sun) (20) [12:21 AM] <`CaRNaGe^> set (20) [12:21 AM] <`CaRNaGe^> im bout to fly kick (20) [12:21 AM] <`CaRNaGe^> this fken pc (20) [12:21 AM] <[]huejardon> looks like u got lots of fans rosssi (20) [12:22 AM] <[GA]Kroisos> oh map was wrong -_- (20) [12:22 AM] <{H8}Doc> i cant believe he said that to Rossi (20) [12:22 AM] <{H8}Doc> what a moron (20) [12:22 AM] <Holland> ok (20) [12:22 AM] <[]huejardon> break likes u so much he wants to dry hump yur leg (20) [12:22 AM] <Rossssi|MAN|> i will suck your dick hue (20) [12:22 AM] * SpamServ kicked Rossssi|MAN| (20) [12:26 AM] <cousintoxic> Why u are acussing me? [shadow=red,left]Look at start[/shadow], I were looking for some players, and the fake player [at0m1-TA] wrote after me. I stressed the most important in the lobby and suspicious phrases. Which I have nothing to do with that problem. Set also when I put "Why u are acussing me" in the latest chat. I thought the ban lasted only 5 minutes! [glow=red,2,300]There are some things that do not fit well :/[/glow]
  13. Hello everyone, my name is Vardoc1 (cousintoxic). I came to make a comment on my " ban "by the administrator" Rosssi|MAN|" I got last night by using his name , which I have never used his real name either yesterday or never . I can say that only use 2 times a resemblance of his name something like "rosi" but never his real name. That was a long time ago. Returning to the subject, for those who read this post, don't impersonate Rosssi, Mr. CNCNet the owner is believed to have the power to administer and ban people who is less powerful than him. Telling the truth to all this , the administrator does not act right and bans people who have respect for anyone within the game. This is rare , yes, but be careful with this manager. Oh, Rosssi if you're reading this I send greetings and read a little more manual "How to be a good manager?" Greets!.
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