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  1. the map u did allen I cant play it wont go in red alert online
  2. cheers mate how do I play it ? its gone to downloads but not showing up in game
  3. right it wont let me upload my map .. all u do is is make a new map leave it blank just add in the stuff we spoke about and ill join ur room and add to favourites and edit the map from there I wont touch ur settings on the map but try add more units than just 6 give them a good load . that way I can look at ur settings when I add map to favourites and copy u
  4. ill try do that allen mate but ill probably fail .... not good at the kinda stuff .. if I created a map and handed it over to u could u add those stuff into it ? chancing my arm abit
  5. yes correct correct . basically barracks war factory power plant and a ore making money exactly that . and thanks for replying
  6. tiberian sun as that option where little bases make men and harvest money until destroyed
  7. no like still allow AI to play ... but around the map little bases that can produce stuff not a full base . maybe just a barracks refinery power plant producing until destroyed
  8. I think it would be more enjoyable for making missions and stuff with friends but haven't a clue how to add the extras into the game tried but falied
  9. i can make maps but don't no how to add bad guy bases that make men and a few structures as a feature
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