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  1. ok cool thanks Funky. will have a look into that.
  2. Hi guys thanks for the quick responses here was the results from the /natx test - (21) [09:06] 1 0 1161 2151 cheers
  3. Hello all, Im having problems with being able to play multiplayer games recently especially the fast games. Whenever I join a game I get kicked out with a message that says 'cant connect too XXXXXX'. Is this a port forwarding issue? Ive followed online guides to tell me what ones need forwarding. Could someone tell me what ports i need to forward please? If its not anything to do with ports, can someone tell me what I need to do to resolve this. FYI i have a virgin media Superhub2 router Another quesiton, I have a raspberry Pi 2, would RA online run ok on that? thanks
  4. I played sniff earlier today, just as I was about to win he disconnected. I waited until the countdown was complete and said i had won, but hasnt showed up on the leader board. My advice would be to stay away from playing Sniff. He is s**t anyway.
  5. nice to have the ladder! I have played a few times today, lost 2, won 1, but only 1 game is showing when I lost against Croboy (obviously) my question is, if someone disconnects just before they are beaten does this get recorded? As that is the game I won against sniff. cheers
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